High Quality Multi-Vitamin Builds Good Health

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What should you look for in a multi-vitamin?

Ultimately, a multi-vitamin supplement should contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals that are part of the U.S. Daily Values and be formulated in a way that is closest to how we eat the nutrients in food and easily digestible.

-contain plant-based phytonutrients at 100% of the daily value

-more than twice the value of vitamins C & E – important antioxidants that help fight free radicals

-vitamin K to help your blood clotting process

-enough vitamin D since many people today are deficient

-balanced B vitamins because they work best when they are together in the right individual amounts (hard to find in many multi-vitamins)

-minerals that help support good health including calcium

-trace minerals essential for developing and maintaining healthy bones, including selenium, chromium and seven others that help your metabolism

-a form of zinc that is gentle on the digestive tract

-vitamins formulated in the same balanced state that you find the ingredients in nature (this is one area that separates a few quality brands from all of the rest)

-available with or without iron (men don’t need the iron; women and children do)

The most important advice is to do your homework and find a brand that has the science and research behind the individual product (not another company’s research). It is also important to check if the brand does quality assurance checks on ingredients. Remember that vitamins and food supplements are not regulated and so you have to trust the brand that they are using good quality, safe ingredients.

Last, there is now a long-term landmark study on food supplements. The study showed that blood test results in people that used certain brands of vitamins were actually worse than if they used no vitamins at all. And people that took high quality vitamin supplements had significantly better blood test results.

We use multivitamins from the Shaklee Corporation, and have since 1982. They are backed by a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee because they are guaranteed to work for you. The nutrients get absorbed into our body at the right part of the body, at just the right time, and in just the right amount (there is A LOT of science and research behind all of that!) – and we have our own blood tests to show that what we’re doing is working.

To learn more about why to take a multi-vitamin and/or supplements from Shaklee, visit:  High Quality Multi Vitamins.

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