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how to improve the immune system

Winter is the time of year when we look for ways how to improve the immune system. Your body is constantly threatened by viruses, infections, and all kinds of illnesses. It seems like there is some kind of new ailment in the news daily.

When Spring finally arrives there are a whole new set of immune challenges. Allergies hit you full force. Asthma symptoms can be year-round but when when the weather gets warmer and we get back outside and more active, asthma issues can increase.

So what are you to do to improve the immune system? There are definite benefits to doing all the tried and true suggestions of washing your hands often, especially in the winter. We know to cough into our sleeve instead of out across a room where you will hit any number of surfaces that other people will later touch (or you will touch a surface where someone else coughed or sneezed on it). Make it a priority to eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep every night.

Apart from these prevention methods, there are immune building supplements that can be your go-to answer for how to improve the immune system. Your immune system is your first line of defense when your body comes under attack. How strong your immune system is will determine the response and the resulting consequence.

Has your immune system been compromised lately? Maybe you’ve been battling some health problems or you are run down due to lifestyle issues. Do you catch one thing after another and struggle to feel strong and well? Are you tired of being sick?

Your body can better handle a bug if you are healthy. If getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, drinking plenty of fluids, and exercising isn’t quite enough, evaluate your supplement options. And remember, as we discuss all the time on this site, not all brands are created equal. If you want true results from supplements you must do your research and choose a brand that guarantees results.

The Shaklee brand of the following supplements provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Shaklee does not offer a product unless they can prove its effectiveness to help you build better health.


How To Improve The Immune System

Vitamin C

Your body is capable of many things, but it can’t make or store vitamin C. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, offers sustained-release protection hour after hour, using a proprietary sustained release system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D offers a multitude of benefits including supporting healthy heart function, immune and bone health.  Up to 80% of Americans may have insufficient levels of this essential nutrient. Your immune system benefits when you use this vitamin because it activates genes that help you fight viruses like the flu. Vitamin D works in your respiratory cells to boost respiratory immunity, and also can help with the pain and misery associated with the flu by having an effect on inflammation.


As an anti-fungal, garlic has been shown to be more potent that several of the prescription anti-fungals. Herbalists recommend garlic for specific ailments like: colds (especially recurring), coughs, flu, chronic bronchitis, whooping cough, ringworm, asthma, intestinal worms, fever, and digestive, gall bladder and liver disorders. Garlic has long been used for its healing properties and is a tasty addition to any meal (especially soups).

For Occasional Use:  Echinacea

This is an herbal supplement to boost the immune system that you don’t use every day. When you first feel something ‘coming on’, or you are directly exposed to an illness, or maybe you are unusually tired – which can signal that you are going to get sick or your body is trying to fight off something – this is when you take Echinacea. It can help your body respond to seasonal challenges by giving your immune system what it needs to stay strong.

The Ultimate Immune Supplement:  Natural Interferon

Last, but certainly not least, is the most potent supplement to increase the immune system.  Nutriferon (Shaklee’s natural interferon supplement) is an herbal blend that will naturally increase interferon in your body. Scientists and medical communities have identified interferon as critical to healthy immune function. 

NutriFeron from Shaklee is the only dietary supplement in the U.S. created by the discoverer of interferon that will naturally increase the immune system by increasing production of interferon in your body. Worthy to note:  there are no side effects like those associated with interferon medications. Nutriferon works at the cellular level – helping your cells be healthier so they can better resist all kinds of illnesses.

From the Shaklee website:  Contains MACH*, a patented blend of interferon-boosting plant extracts (500 mg) and a Shaklee exclusive. This proprietary blend of natural plant extracts is derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds, which have been clinically proven to support and stimulate the natural immune response process at the cellular level.*

Take good care and remember that prevention, and building a healthy immune system where your cells keep you healthy, is what better health and an anti-aging by design ‘plan’ is all about!

If you have any questions about how to improve the immune system, or about any of the supplements shown here, contact us by email or phone and we’ll be happy to talk with you (information is at the bottom of this page).


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