How To Manage Anxiety and Stress

how to manage anxiety

Think about this scenario:  you are sweating, maybe having rapid heartbeats or even shortness of breath. Chances are this is not a heart attack. There’s a better chance you are having an anxiety attack.

What is Anxiety?

First. let me suggest that the most effective thing that you can do for yourself is learn how to manage your anxiety so that the symptoms you get do not take over your life.

When you have anxiety you feel extreme reactions to fearful situations. It’s different from the fight or flight syndrome where when you are in real danger you feel some of the feelings described above.

With anxiety, these feelings are either associated with a particular non-life-threatening situation.  And it’s not the situation itself – it’s your reaction to it. Things like being stuck in traffic or  starting something new can cause an anxiety attack. The feelings you feel such as not having control or not knowing anyone make you panic.

When you experience ongoing anxiety – or chronic anxiety – it affects your life every day. It can lead to withdrawal from life (to varying degrees) and even depression.

how to manage stress

How to Manage Anxiety

So how can you manage your anxiety so that it doesn’t take over your life? Here are some suggestions that can help:

  1. Get Help – It’s a great first step to help you understand anxiety and offer help in terms of effective techniques or meds if necessary.
  2. Get Sleep – Did you know your body can heal as you sleep? A few hours of true restful REM sleep can do wonders.
  3. Get Exercise – It doesn’t have to be alot but it does benefit you. Start with just 15 minutes a day (every day) -even a simple walk.
  4. Get Calm – Anyone can learn to meditate. Choose the form you will do: breathing, yoga, quiet time, chanting mantras.
  5. Get in Control – When you learn to manage what you worry about, you feel stronger. (A suggestion is posted below.)
  6. Get Rid of Alcohol – Even wine may not be relaxing  to you if you are tense. Alcohol is ultimately a depressant.
  7. Get Some Fun – When you line up some relaxing activities to turn to when you are stressed, you will feel good instead of drained.

Tip to help you feel more in control when anxiety or stress hit you:

Start to count backwards from ten down to one. As you count, focus on whatever situation has you troubled. What really happened? Instead of  contributing more to the situation, focus on the fact that you can manage it.

Realize that you are not the only person in the world that deals with anxiety or stress. These are part of everyone’s life. It’s how you deal with them that creates the difference. When you are better able to manage anxiety and stress, you feel more power over it. Being able to overcome the panic feelings and will change your life.

We are currently studying more about the brain and how it can help us with stress and anxiety. There are tools that you can use to help with stress, but even more important can help you to find ways to overcome stress or anxiety and feel empowered to be or have anything you want in life.

Check out our Tools page:  Train Your Brain (to deal with stress)

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