Summer Heat Sparks Conversation About Staying Hydrated

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It is so hot this week in the western states of the United States that risk for dehydration and serious illness, or even death that can result from it, is very high. It’s so important to keep your body hydrated. According to the doctors on Fox News Sunday House Calls this morning, water and electrolytes is what you need.

Fluids will help maintain your normal body temperature and deliver energy and nutrients to your body so that you are able to function well even in the extreme heat. Activity levels outside still need to be monitored and you won’t be able to go about business as usual outside in the extreme heat. It might be best to move most activites indoors, and if you are without air conditioned it’s time to find some AC and get to it.

Of course your body needs water for survival, with your body weight being about 60% water. When it is as hot as it is in the western part of the country right now, your body can’t sweat like it should and you can lose water fast. You need to plan for hydration, and not wait until you are feeling thirsty before you look for a drink. Many times you will have started to deyhdrate by then, especially during physical activity.

Hydrate Well During Extreme Heat

How can you replenish fluids when you are losing them rapidly? Electrolytes help by getting into your blood stream fast and hydrating your body quickly. They give you more energy as well so you don’t feel like you are dragging, or worse. Drinks that contain carbohydrates and electrolytes help balance your thirst levels with your fluid needs.

You should hydrate strategically, and you should understand that your body can’t absorb fluids as fast as you can lose them. The right kind of drink can help maximize absorption: fluids that contains water, and the right amount of carbohydrates and electrolytes.

100+ degrees heat

How Does Your Body Respond to Fluid Loss

When your body loses fluids, electrolytes along with water, it compensates by taking fluid from your bloodstream. That means there is less blood flowing through your heart so it has to pump harder and faster to get fuel to your muscles, and you’re going to have less energy. Next, you may experience other symptoms that can be scary and dangerous to your body.

The reason why fluid loss and energy loss can become serious is because it results in your body temperature increasing, and that leading to deterioration of both your physical and mental capacity. People experience physical collapse and even death. The best way to prevent any of that is to keep drinking. Plan to keep your body hydrated during the heat so that you feel your best.

Hydration Solution

For many years now, my family has used Shaklee Performance as our hydration drink of choice because water with electrolytes is absorbed faster and more efficiently than water alone. We mix the Performance powder with our own water. It comes in both Lemon/Lime and Orange, and it’s clinically proven to hydrate better than water. Plus, Performance has more electrolytes and provides more energy than the leading hydration drink.

More about Shaklee Performance: “proprietary OPTI-LYTE™ electrolyte blend plus our unique mix of carbohydrates delivers instant and sustained energy and supports optimal hydration.” Performance was also used in the NASA program to re-hydrate astronauts when returning from space. As part of the Shaklee Sports Nutrition line that are really state-of-the-art products that are not known to the general population, Performance has multiple purposes.

Athletes use it to continually hydrate during practices, games or competition, and to preload carbohydrates prior to big events. Everyone can drink Performance to maintain adequate hydration and electrolyte balance, especially when the temperatures are high outside like they are in the summer. During illness when the digestive system is compromised, including during treatments like chemotherapy, and for the elderly who struggle to keep hydrated, Performance has been very beneficial for a long time.

To learn more about Shaklee Performance, message us for an information sheet or visit the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America that creates unique, all-natural health products at:  Shaklee Performance.

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