Immune System Facts

90,000 – Guess What That Number Is?

It is the number that is predicted by a White House science panel to be the deaths caused by the Swine Flu.

Clinical trials have not been completed yet. The arrival time is mid-November for the swine flu vaccine.

Have you thought about if you and your family’s immune system is operating at PEAK?

Your immune system in your body is what prevents illnesses.

Is your immune system super-charged for the flu season?

When the government throws out numbers like this, you just have to be worried about your family. Plus, we won’t have the vaccine until mid-November.

Who will get the vaccine? Will it be too late? It’s all very frustrating.
I have talked to many other people with similar feelings about it.

What happens when the kids say it is in their school? What about at work, at church, or friends and neighbors have it?

I have found a way to boost my family’s immunity as well as my neighbors.  Wouldn’t it be better to build immune system now so that you don’t catch the flu in the first place?

I’m not going to put this off until mid-November!

I figure if we can build our immune systems up now, we will have a better chance against the swine flu and other illnesses headed our way.

Clinical studies have already been done on natural solutions for building immune system.

We are always under attack from millions of dangerous microbes in our homes and in the environment where we live.

What if we can defend ourselves and keep our immune system fit now?

Wouldn’t you like to start today? I would and I have.

Go here to get more:  immune system facts and learn about a patented, powerful formula of natural interferon, clinically proven to build your immune system against illnesses and disease.

Before the swine flu or other flus and illnesses attack, it might be a good idea to at least take 3 to 5 minutes to check it out.

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