Increase Immune System for Winter Protection

Do you winterize your body the same as you do your home and automobile? Let’s think about it. In the fall we make preparations for winter. It is a tradition to check filters on furnaces, get them cleaned, check the fireplace, put on storm windows, and even prepare the garden. We take care of our cars with tune ups to make sure they will run well all winter, add antifreeze, flush the radiator, and possibly buy new tires.

Do we tune up our bodies for the winter months? There are quite a few holidays and social gatherings coming that we want to be healthy for, and be able to fight off the germs, viruses, and bacteria that we are exposed to every day. Our bodies need the right nutrients to build strong immune systems that keep us healthy. If we don’t get enough of those nutrients in our diet, it’s time to look at supplements. Vitamins, minerals, and immune builders are proven to build better health.

The stresses of every day can wear us down throughout the year. The winter can maximize these struggles. Many of us don’t sleep as well as we should, or eat as well as we should. Too many of us curl up on the couch with the television instead of keeping up our regular exercise habits in the cold winter months.

Strong immune systems are essential in preventing illness. The cells of the immune system go into action as soon as a foreign substances like germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria enter the body. In the winter we are sealed inside behind closed doors, with recirculated air, so it is easy to pass germs from one person to another. Our bodies have to be ready for these attacks and the immune system is our body’s first line of defense.

In addition to making a good effort to sleep well, eat well, get exercise, and manage the stress in our lives, the immune system can benefit from an immune builder taken daily year round.

Nutriferon is quite remarkable in that there are four published human clinical studies that support the efficacy of NutriFeron. In addition, a new laboratory study confirms that NutriFeron ingredients are effective in impacting genetic pathways related to the activation, signaling, and proliferation of natural killer cells. NutriFeron’s exclusive and patented formula works hard to support the body’s built-in defenses to help keep you healthy, and is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in immune health.*

Also important to keep in mind: You should make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D. Intrigued by the recent studies suggesting vitamin D is a key immune system player, NIH researchers examined blood vitamin D levels in the US population to see if there was any relationship to frequency of colds. Sure enough, the higher the blood level of vitamin D, the lower the frequency of reported upper respiratory tract infections. Those with the lowest vitamin D levels had a 36% increased risk of catching a cold when compared to those with the highest levels. The link was even stronger in those with existing respiratory conditions. For example, asthmatics with the lowest vitamin D status were nearly six times as vulnerable to colds as those with the highest vitamin D blood levels.

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