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In the world of health and wellness, feeling good today, being healthier, and of course building future health – there is a lot of confusion. Did you ever walk into a health store and become totally overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

When we make a purchase, we want to make sure we are getting results, right? Short of getting ongoing blood tests to measure all of our body systems, we have to rely on how we feel each day. And we want to feel good!

With the alternative (preventive) health and wellness industry, including vitamins, herbs and other food supplements, mostly unregulated, it is important to do our homework and find the right brand. Integrity, science, safety, quality of ingredients, formulations, bio-availability (absorption) – these are all considerations.

Let me tell you about a few differences in brands. First, let me say that if you read labels and look for company literature, with some brands there isn’t much. They might be riding on other company’s research or simply a popular product. When you go looking, make sure to check for high standards, and science behind the product.

One consideration would be the delivery system of the ingredients. For example, do certain fat soluble vitamins reach the right part of the digestive tract before dissolving so that they provide optimal absorption, so that your body gets the benefit.

How about a Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex with sustained release formulations that actually have the research and science and clinical trials to insure that they maintain blood nutrient levels of these vitamins over 12 hours. Some brands may advertise similar results, but don’t deliver. How do you know? Look for the proof.

Folic acid absorption can be a challenge and many products may fall short of delivering optimal results. Most probiotic brands do not deliver anywhere near even 50% of live bacteria to the lower intestine where they are optimally used. I have heard 1.5 to 15% is standard on many brands. That certainly sets a product delivering 90% far and above most alternatives.

Bottom line is still results. Many folks don’t stick with taking supplements because they don’t see noticeable results. I don’t blame them. We need results.

If you are spending your money on products to be healthy and you are still sick all of the time, or have low energy levels, that is not good. Plus that is not building future good health.

What if, on the other hand, you have a 100% Guarantee that you are going to FEEL MORE ENERGY and you are going to GET SICK LESS?

Got your attention?

Changing brands can change your life!

Once a Day, Every Day.

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