Is there STRESS in Your Life?

Stress is all around us. This time of the year lends itself to stressful situations. Most of the time we find our own way to deal with it on a daily basis, and don’t think much about the long term health effects on our body. Sometimes we are presented with immediate issues or symptoms that we must address, but even then it is not always a permanent solution.

So what do we do? I light of the fact that this stress interferes with our daily life, and really can lead to hazardous effects on our body, we might want to do a little research on our own.

The November issue of Shaklee Distributor’s Hotline, which presents some great information and solutions, features ‘The Health Impact of Stress’. I invite you to listen for yourself. We are responsible for our own good health.

There are some very startling research and study results shared, and you may be shocked to hear some of it!

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit back, RELAX (always good for stress), and LISTEN HERE.

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