Keep Chemicals and Toxins Away from Your Dog

I have a ten year old Jack Russell Terrier and a 2 year old Golden Retriever. Needless to say this makes some interesting times in our house. When the Golden, Bailey, was brought home as a pup, for a very short time Daisy, the JR, was the ‘bigger dog’. We all know how fast Golden’s grow. While we thoroughly enjoyed that puppy time, it sure went quick.

Before long, Bailey out-weighed Daisy by a few pounds, and now by many, many more! Daisy gets pushed around and whacked by the big Bailey tail, but she still rules. Or at least a few growls and Bailey will back off!

Neither dog has been exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins that are found in many brands of house cleaning products, and even personal care products. They have lived their lives with pure and natural Shaklee Independent Distributor products.

This brand cleaning products have been very popular with all animals since they are very safe to be around. I invite you to take a look at the product line, and you will find a product for every cleaning task in your home, and most probably for your animal.

The Basic Household* concentrate cleaner is an awesome product that cleans the very toughest jobs, and yet it is gentle enough to bathe in. Humans and animals can bathe in it. It actually has the same pH of your skin. The secret is that it makes water wetter, penetrating the surface to lift the dirt and clean very well. In addition, it has about a thousand other uses that people have found and have used successfully for many, many years. You can see more at:

Some testimonies shared from people out in the field:

I use the Basic H in a spray bottle (1/2 water concentrate) and spray my dog daily….that helps to deter bugs. -Dolores

I am using Basic H as a fly spray on my horses and it works great. It keeps their coats soft and they don’t mind it in fact they beg for it and it keeps all the biting bugs off of them. I dilute it 4 parts water to one part Basic H which makes it a very cheap fly spray. -Patty

I have a Maltese puppy. His little feet and mustache do very well with the Basic H getting the stains out. No reaction to eyes or skin. I know my groomer recommends Tetracycline for the stains. We manage it by putting H directly on his mustache with a few dabs of water, let it set and then rinse. Looks pretty cute to me. -Brenda

The Basic Germicide concentrate* used in the stalls and feed bins and the Basic Household* as a Bath would be beneficial. The personal attention would be welcome too, I’m sure. Animals like massage as much as we do. Just protect the eyes. Flys don’t like H* either. I spray insects with it and they drop. I use both with my Dogs – in the kennel and in their crate. I bathe them weekly in H* – we had no fleas, no skin problems and no sickness – even though they run in the woods and streams here… Hope it helps- Deb

There’s even a testimony on the all-natural, whole food supplements for pets:

Believe it or not, we use the B-Complex to help to keep fleas off of dogs, and mosquitoes from humans as well. They just don’t seem to be attracted to it. The hard part is to get it in the animal. My dog takes it with peanut butter. Also, we use a 50-50 of Basic H and Water for getting rid of wasp nests. It freezes them in their tracks and doesn’t have any toxic smell or residue, as you know. -Anne


Lots more testimonies available upon request. Also, there are MSDS sheets available on the cleaning products through the company.

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