Keeping Your Home Chemical Free

Did you know that women who work in the home have a 54% higher risk of dying from cancer than women who work outside the home – because of their increased exposure to household chemicals. It doesn’t have to be that way. We do have chemical-free choices that can reduce our chemical exposure at home.

Every day, scientists finding new ways that environmental chemicals can make you sick.  While you may not be able to control all of the chemicals in your food, in the air you breathe, and in common household goods such as fragrance products, furniture, carpeting, etc. – you can choose to limit the chemicals and toxins you bring into your home in the cleaning products that you use.

We all know that cleaning products can contain some very harmful chemicals and toxins. There are warning labels on every bottle that contains ingredients that can be harmful to your health. These toxins can harm your health and your family’s health and the environment. There are so many ingredients in products and so many chemicals to look out for.

chemical free cleaningChemical Free Cleaning

How are we supposed to know what products are safe to use? Well, unless you want to memorize every single harmful chemical and study every product you use, there’s a better way. If you would prefer a simpler, easier way here are some tips to keep your house clean and safe.

  • Look at the labels – if a cleaner contains a harmful chemical it should have a warning right on the packaging. It will say something like, “Warning contains harmful chemicals” or “Danger toxic chemicals” right on it. Try to stay away from these products.
  • Look at the ingredients, if they list them – many cleaners don’t even list what the product is made of. This should be an instant warning that a product may contain some harmful chemicals. Be extra cautious of products that claim to be environmentally safe for you and your family but don’t show safe ingredients on the label.
  • Find an alternative – many people assume you need all these harsh products to get your house clean, but this is not true. Before you use products that may use toxins, look for alternatives. Also, look for home remedies. Many cleaning jobs can be cleaned with things around the house like vinegar, baking soda, or citrus fruits.
  • Air it out – when you’re cleaning try to open a window if you can. Many toxins in cleaners travel through the air, so make sure they travel out of the house. This won’t solve the problem though because you will still breathe some of the fumes and toxins can get absorbed through your skin as well.

safe home cleaning

Clean Your Home With Non-Toxic Choices

Everyone should have a clean house, but no one needs toxic chemicals in their homes. Your children can have more exposure, through absorption, than you because their bodies are smaller and their skin is thinner. Your pets are affected by chemicals and toxins in the home as well.

The environment certainly doesn’t need any more toxins polluting it. It’s a Win-Win situation for all to lessen the use of chemicals and toxins in your home. When you keep these tips in mind you can help keep the earth clean and pollution-free, and help lower the risk of you and your family having health issues related to exposure.

You don’t have to sacrifice a powerful clean when you choose non-toxic. The types of  products you have seen advertised since you were a little child and you may associate with being safe and effective for cleaning your home are no longer safe since we now know that they can make you sick.

The brand of safe, chemical free home cleaning products that I use have been tested against the major store brands for efficacy. Every product produces a cleaning job that was as good OR BETTER than the brands with chemicals. And not only that, they can save you a lot of money because you use your own water. When you put your own water in the spray bottle, along with the concentrated cleaner, you buy cleaning products less often and the cost per use is much lower.

Here is a cost savings sheet that details how much money you can save using Shaklee Get Clean safe home cleaners:  Save Money While You Clean Safely.

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