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4 Ways Men Can Live Healthier Longer

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Men have more health challenges than ever before. We may be advanced in many areas today, including health, but yet people are sicker. Great health isn’t to be taken for granted, and for many is not easy to have. The good news is that there is lots you can do to target better health.

The phrase living healthier longer was introduced to us last summer and we really connected with the concept. Maybe you want to live to a ripe old age and maybe you don’t, but you definitely want to feel as good as you can as you age. The idea of being old AND sick is not very appealing.

How can you improve your health?

1. Exercise!

We know. Exercise makes every get healthy list right? Physical activity really does make you feel better, even if you have a tough time getting that workout scheduled in your day or don’t really want to admit that it gives you more energy and helps you feel stronger and healthier. It’s about choices and you have to choose to make time for exercise.

Regular exercise should include something aerobic and be chosen based on your individual abilities. If walking is all that you can do without pain or for other health related reasons, then it is great to walk regularly. You can jog, swim, bike, work out at the gym on machines, or pick another favorite activity. Moderate intensity exercise means that you push yourself a little farther each time. Even with walking you can increase your speed for short periods if you are able, or take it up more if that’s possible.

Physical activity helps to increase circulation in your body and that’s a healthy benefit of exercise. When you increase blood to your organs you get more nutrients going to them. Your body also enjoys other things such as increasing your energy levels, improving your mood, lowering stress, lowering anxiety, helping you sleep better, and can be a great way to manage your weight.

Remember to always check with your doctor before exercising if you have any limitations.

2.  Maintain a Healthy Weight

How can it be that Americans are overfed and yet undernourished? We eat more calories today than our parents did 20 years ago, and yet we fall short on getting the nutrients we need to be healthy. And we are overweight and obese which lead to all kinds of health problems.

The kinds of health challenges that result from being overweight include:  heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, osteoarthritis, sleep problems, joint problems, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even certain kinds of cancers. These can be preventable if you live a healthy lifestyle that includes maintaining a healthy weight.

You don’t have to be obese to be at risk for these health problems. Even moderately overweight people have an increased risk for developing illnesses and diseases.  The good news is that there are multiple ways to getting on a better track to a healthier weight.

You can drink more water instead of other drinks that have sugar and calories. You can boost your metabolism by increasing your muscle. You can eat smaller portions because your body does not need huge meals and it also doesn’t need high calorie snacks in between meals. Make better choices for snacks and don’t eat in the evening where it’s easy to pack on the calories. Lean protein sources help you feel full longer and help you build lean muscle. There are many weight loss benefits of fiber such as helping you feel full and regulate blood sugar that can help control cravings.

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3.  Make Smart Lifestyle Choices

Stop smoking and drink alcohol moderately top this list. Smoking is associated with different health risks that include heart and liver disease and various cancers. Alcohol can increase health risks like liver disease, cancer, heart disease and even depression.

Eat when you are hungry instead of eating when something looks good or stress eating. Make good choices at restaurants – most have healthy options now. Look at food labels and avoid processed foods as much as possible because it’s not always real food you’re eating out of boxes or bags. You don’t need a plate full of chemicals. Also watch sugar and sodium content.

How you feel affects your health. It’s important to get enough rest each night, and that’s a unique amount that is right for you. Try to have some time each week to do things that interest you, whether it is a hobby or sport or relaxing and reading a book or going to a movie. Having friends can boost your mood, or maybe you want more alone time – whichever it is, do that to increase your happiness.

4.  Keep Your Mind Healthy

Numbers of people developing Alzheimers and dementia is climbing and it’s a very scary illness. It can freak you out if you start to forget things or lose things or have trouble concentrating or keeping focus. These are not problems you want to have when you are young.

It’s a little frustrating to realize that your brain can start declining as young as 20 years of age, and by 45 years old it starts to decline even more rapidly. Neural connections in your brain become less efficient which causes you to have trouble recalling things, think clearly and even respond. To fight this you want to do things to improve your short-term mental sharpness and also to target long-term cognitive health.

Exercise is one of the best ways to protect brain health. Any physical activity can help and if you include some moderately intense exercises, all the better. Another part of brain fitness is mental exercise. Research shows that all of the following help stimulate your brain:  social engagment, puzzles, brain games, doing different types of activities, learning new things regularly, even brushing your teeth or eating with your opposite hand. Challenge yourself with new tasks and make it a habit to include mental exercises along with your physical exercises.

Nutrition help includes food based ingredients that help you form new neural connections and reduce brain shrinkage. Other benefits of nutrition supplements are increased blood circulation that helps deliver more oxygen to your brain. Immediate improvement in cognitive performance, protection against age-related mental decline, and supporting healthy circulation to my brain are the reasons why a brain supplement can be used.

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