More Anti-Aging Resveratrol Tesimonies..

More Testimonies* from people who use this brand (in no way associated with claims to cure disease).


“I am a medical transcriptionist; I have diverticulitis, which had become burdensome to say the least. I have been using Shaklee products and I know they are good. A week ago today I started taking one teaspoon of Shaklee’s new product, Vivix. During the past week, I have not had one episode of explosive symptoms, no left-sided pain or cramps. I do believe it is safe to say that Vivix is helping.”
~Mary Ann T.

Rapid Healing

Gary started on the Vivix on a Wednesday and had dental surgery to prepare for a tooth transplant five days later. 9 days later he had a follow up visit and the dental surgeon called in some of his staff to show them that the healing process looked like it had been 4 months instead of days. He said that he had never seen anything like it before and was calling his mother-in-law who is a Shaklee distributor so that he could get started on Vivix.
~P & G N.

Ability to Focus

Susan S. began using Vivix on a Saturday morning and within two days noticed a marked improvement in her ability to focus on one task at a time through the day. This had always been an issue for her, beginning one thing after another and having difficulty completing any. She was absolutely amazed to be so clear-headed, focused, and energetic the first week. Viva Vivix!

No More Pain Meds to Sleep

Tom and Nancy started Vivix together. After about a week, Tom noticed that his ankles no longer hurt. He had broken them both as a youth playing sports. Tom is 65 and arthritis hit his ankles during the past year. He had to get up and take pain meds so he could sleep. After taking Vivix, he no longer needs pain meds to sleep.

Tremor is Gone

Linda D.’s brother in law who is 75, and recently had some physical problems, got a strong tremor on his right hand. He started Vivix, his only Shaklee product, and within a few days his tremor is gone and he is writing normally again. He is duly impressed and thankful.

Torn Rotator Cuff

Lynn S., from Georgia, reports the following: “Tears come to my eyes as I write this. Shaklee has brought out a product that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Two years ago I fell and tore my left rotator cuff and ripped the ligament off the bone in my left thumb (I am left-handed). Three months later the doctor operated on the thumb and re-attached the ligament to the bone. Six months after that, my other doctor operated on my shoulder. When I woke, he told me that when he got in there he found a ‘frozen shoulder’ so he cleaned up the area a little, but wanted me to use the arm immediately or I would never get full range out of it again. Two years later, I still have pain in my shoulder and it hurts to lift it totally straight to my ear. My thumb is always sore and the joint is swollen at the knuckle and also hurts in the joint above it. I have been on Vivix for a week now. I was driving down to see one of our daughters who is in college when I realized that my thumb did not hurt and that the joint was not swollen! I almost ran off the road I was so startled with this realization. This was two years of discomfort that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. (At 57 that was not something I looked forward to.) I can’t wait to see what else Vivix restores in me! Remember, it works at the cellular level. I have already noticed that my fingers don’t feel so “tight” in the morning when I wake up. Praise God and thank you Shaklee!”

*These are personal testimonies and not released or endorsed in any way by the Shaklee Corporation.

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