Need Extra Iron?

iron and vitamin c

Do you need to get extra iron in your diet? If you can’t get it in your diet, and you’re low in iron – have you considered a supplement?

Iron is needed to help make protein in your muscle. The technical explanation is that iron is needed to make myoglobin, which is a protein-like hemoglobin that is an oxygen storage protein in your muscles. When you use your muscles for any type of physical activity, you use the oxygen stored in the myoglobin.

Your body has built in systems to naturally balance the iron in your body. When you consume iron, the balancing systems are supposed to make sure you get enough iron. The problem is that some of us do not have these systems operating effectively.

You may absorb too much iron from your food. This can affect organs in your body such as your heart, joints, pancreas, liver or pituitary – and can make you sick.

Some of us have low levels of iron that can cause either iron deficiency or anemia. When you are anemic your body uses up all of its storage of iron and you need to replenish either through diet or supplements.

iron and muscles

There are symptoms associated with low iron levels, though they are also symptoms of other illnesses and can be vague and go unnoticed. Blood tests can reveal deficiencies that you may not be aware of.

Symptoms of Low Iron

  • fatigue
  • joint pain or disease
  • osteoporosis
  • irregular heartbeat
  • diabetes
  • liver problems
  • infertility
  • mood or mental disorders
  • neurodegenerative diseases
  • poor cognitive skills

Iron and DNA

You need iron to make DNA. You need iron to make hemoglobin that delivers oxygen to your body. Iron carries carbon dioxide out of your body as well.

Iron is essential to life and every living thing on earth needs it.

Iron and Vitamin C

Research has discovered that iron can be better absorbed in your body when it is combined with Vitamin C.

One role of Vitamin C in your body is to keep your connective tissues healthy. It is important to help form collagen, an important protein in your skin, ligaments and blood vessels.

I remember first learning about Vitamin C and hearing how it helps repair wounds and tissue. I was told to take extra Vitamin C when trying to heal a cut on the skin or some type of injury involving body tissue.

You are probably familiar with Vitamin C benefits for your immune system since it is a nutrient commonly suggested when you have a cold or another common illness. Vitamin C is also helpful in keeping healthy bones and for healthy teeth.

The combination of Iron + Vitamin C will help you absorb iron better and give you all the benefits of Vitamin C. To learn more about the #1 Natural Nutrition brand of Iron +C, visit:  Iron and Vitamin C.

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