Need More Energy?

Need More Energy

Listen Up. Do you hear people talking about needing more energy? They are tired. They are stressed. They can’t rest. They are overworked. They have no time to exercise. They are dragging every day. They need MORE ENERGY!

If you are quiet – and listen – I think you will hear it throughout your day. You will hear it at home. You will hear it at work. You will hear it at the grocery store. You will hear it at a restaurant. You will hear it everywhere you go. People need MORE ENERGY!

We may not think much about exactly where our energy comes from. We may not think about why we have less energy than usual some days. We just want it. We need it. And when we lose it, we want it back again.

Energy brings us happiness. It brings us focus. Energy makes us feel healthy. And it may even help us feel smart. We need energy not only for life, but for our memory and for learning. And lack of energy can result in bad moods, thinking slowly, depression, and even mental disorders.

Even though energy is something we may lose with age, our energy level can be very low at younger ages. Low energy can be due to overall fatigue. Maybe you are not sleeping well or enough – for any number of reasons, including stress. Maybe your lack of energy is because you are bored or depressed.

Persistent fatigue that is not related to an underlying illness can be the result of poor lifestyle choices, including your daily diet. There are foods like high fat food and high-refined-carbohydrate foods (processed foods that have white flour and white sugar) that will cause fatigue. Alcohol, caffeine, drugs, tobacco and stress are lifestyle habits that will rob your body of energy.

Foods that are energy boosters are fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, green tea, and more white fish and less red meat. High quality soy protein is an excellent source of daily protein and has many health benefits in addtion to boosting your energy. It is also very quick and easy to make a delicious protein shake for breakfast. Your blood sugar levels will be balanced for the entire morning, and this has a significant effect on energy levels as well.

Your cells’ ability to produce energy is dependent on quite a few things that are happening in your body throughout the day. Cells get energy from the food you eat which is why it is so important to make healthy choices that will help deliver the energy your body needs. Certain nutrients help the process. For example, the B vitamins are the primary vitamin involved in the release of energy from the foods we eat, into our cells, and yet many of us are deficient in these B vitamins because we aren’t getting enough of them from our foods. This is a good reason to supplement with a high quality B vitamin supplement.

The oxygen you breathe is another important factor in your cell’s energy production. The more toxins our bodies take in from our environment, the more burden there is to eliminate them and keep those cells energized. It is good to limit our exposure to pollution, including indoor pollutants, chemicals, high stress levels, smoking or living with a smoker. Antioxidants help keep our cells healthy after they are exposed, and green tea provides a safe, natural boost of energy that can be sustained throughout the morning and afternoon.

Protein, green tea, antioxidants, and a healthy daily diet can all help increase the energy we want to have in our bodies so that we can feel all the benefits that accompany an energized body: feeling healthy, feeling focused, feeling happy, and even feeling rested.

There are times when we need an extra boost of energy. We over-schedule ourselves. We push ourselves to the limit, maybe with an athletic endeavor. We have days that are more stressed than others. Science finds us new answers all the time and is close to delivering a new energy booster that can make an impact when we need quicker solutions. Stay tuned to an exciting announcement in early January.

We have natural solutions to increase our energy and they have been researched for decades and produce daily results for people who choose to use them.  It is up to each of us, as individuals, to make that choice to benefit our bodies and ourselves.  I choose to feel great every day, and hope that you do as well.


To learn more about energizing soy protein, visit Energizing Protein or Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothees (contains energizing soy protein + is a full meal), and for more information on an energizing green tea drink, visit Energizing Tea.

If you’re looking for a quick burst of natural energy that you’re not getting from your foods, there are all natural Energy Chews from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America – The Shaklee Corporation.  They are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and a safe and healthy energy booster that also improves alertness and focus without high sugar and caffeine.

Shaklee Energy Chews are a blend of natural green tea extract, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins and vitamin D. There are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives that are included in other energy products that are not healthy at all.

Shaklee Energy Chews 100% Guaranteed
Shaklee Energy Chews 100% Guaranteed

*These statements have not be endorsed by Shaklee Corporation but are the sole testimony of an individual.

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