Newsweek Discusses Anti-Aging

The December 15, 2008 issue of Newsweek Magazine has a very interesting article online: HEALTH FOR LIFE, Never Say Die – Step aside, quacks. The search for longer life is a real science now.

It talked about the calorie restriction theory that is believed to extend life and prevent disease. That is the very same thing that the new cellular anti-aging tonic supplement does. We don’t have to wait for a drug that will be targeted for diabetes, or diabetes prevention. We can start now to receive the benefits of natural anti-aging and target preventing disease and feeling younger.

You can check the article out here and below are two videos that feature Dr. David Sinclair, interviewed for the article and partnered with our brand as well as his research at Harvard University:

Segment from Barbara Walters Anti-Aging special:

More in depth with Dr. Sinclair:

If you want to learn more, contact me here or at:

1 thought on “Newsweek Discusses Anti-Aging”

  1. Yeah, it seems to me a lot of people are surprised to learn how much your diet impacts your perceived age. You would think it would be common sense…you are what you eat!

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