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I read a statement today that makes a lot of sense. It talked about how prevention is the best answer we have for the health crisis that we face in the United States. It goes on to say that it is getting to be impossible to continue to pay to treat disease.

We hear in the news every day about how our government leaders are trying to pass a new health care plan. While that is a priority, the illness and disease in this country is the crisis. What is most frustrating to me is that science has given us a lot of choices in the way of prevention. We have learned how to build health and what is good for us and what is not. The problem is that many of us continue to ignore the research and studies that can keep us well.

Many people don’t eat right or take the supplements needed for optimal nutrition, don’t get enough rest, don’t exercise enough, and don’t manage stress. This can make us sick. We have answers and yet we don’t use them to build health.

The World Bank has stated that the single greatest investment to eliminate poverty would be an investment in nutrition. They are also advocating plant based protein sources as the most sustainable.

Prevention can make all the difference in terms of health care in our country. Health care costs could be drastically reduced if people focused more on prevention and healthy lifestyles. We now have access to clinical studies that can verify proven results and help us make the right choices that will help us be healthier.

Shaklee recently raised the amount of Vitamin D3 in their multi-vitamin products and daily nutrition foundation programs. The company’s research was so impressive to the scientific community that it was accepted for publication by a very prestigious, peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Clinical Lipidology without any revisions. Shaklee determined the amount required in supplement form in order for the body to have optimal levels of activated vitamin D in the blood. Optimal Vitamin D3 levels also have an effect on HDL levels by raising them and also decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome which is a precursor to diabetes and a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Other exciting news is the Vivix Study that was done at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The complete results are pending publication and can’t be released until after that time, but the list of health-building cellular activities with our brand of resveratrol + polyphenols includes heart and brain health, cardiovascular function, enhanced immunity, and joint health. We do know that the key regulator of cellular defense and survival of cells is able to successfully do its work with the polyphenol blend.

How’s this for a combo? We have one part to help us repair cells and eliminate ‘gunk’ from our bodies, and then we have the supplement ‘food’ that goes right to our cells to build health. A win-win combination in my eyes.

Science continues to give us valuable information in terms of health and wellness. It is still our individual choice to make the daily decision to take care of our bodies and build great health both for now and for a longer, better quality life ahead.

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