Oprah has Power

It is a fact that when Oprah talks people listen.. this woman has tremendous power and influence. People believe her and trust her.

This past Monday, on the Oprah show, DR. Oz was back for part 2 of his anti-aging plan. The website stated that this was the number one topic that people wanted more of.. how to add years to your life and turn back the clock! If you saw the show, you should have seen Shaklee Independent Distributor products there.. again!!

This is the second time this year that Shaklee Independent Distributor products have appeared on Oprah. That is pretty incredible if you consider the power of this show. Personally, I think she is quite impressed with them!

According to DR OZ in his book “Staying Young”, toxicity doesn’t just happen from swallowing posion, inhaling too much exaust, or sticking your head in the microwave oven (ewwww). There are toxic trouble makers in many environments especially our homes.

We may not have much control how clean the environment is wherever our lives take us each day. However, in our own homes, we do have choices.

We can change the cleaning products in our homes to safer, healthier ‘green’ products. We can pack up all the products with harmful toxins, chemicals and fumes, and replace them all with one box of total household cleaning.

The Green Clean Starter Kit has a cleaning product for every single cleaning task in your home.

What is just as important to those of us who are actually doing the cleaning, is that these products PERFORM! They have been independently tested against major (popular) brands and performed as well, and most times BETTER than all of them.

This company made the first biodegradable product about 50 years ago, before biodegradable was ever talked about. A company far ahead of its time, and we as a society are finally catching up. With the environmental issues as alarming as they are, we all need to do our part to help save our earth.

Using biodegradable ‘green’ cleaning products makes significant, measurable contributions to the environment. A safer, healthier home can be ours with a simple choice of changing brands, and we contribute to the planet at the same time.

For the month of November, there is a special offer for those who would like to join our team and share this brand. When you eat in a great restaurant or see an awesome movie, you probably tell people about that. You can do the same with this company. Walmart and other stores don’t pay you to refer folks to buy their cleaning products, yet we do!!

When you join as a Gold Opportunity distributor, you can choose a Clean Mission Pack so that you experience the ‘green’ cleaning products, and also just during November, you get double the months free of your personal web site. You will get 6 months instead of 3.

Any questions or comments to share, as always, don’t hesitate to contact me: vicki@antiagingbydesign.com or 814.931.8041.

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  2. Ann health

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