Pets Help You Stay Young

Our favorite ways to Live Younger Longer are our grandchildren and our new puppy.

This section of the blog is going to be dedicated to the fun we have with them!

We are partial to dogs as pets, but you may choose another species to help you stay young.

Of course we know that children keep us young, and science says that pets are good for your mental health as well. Check out this article in Time:

Meet Chase!

Chase Live Younger Longer

Who:  the newest member of the family and currently the smallest

What:  Mini Golden Doodle puppy

Where:  from eastern PA – a family with 2 toddler girls and he was their favorite 🙂

When:  born 9-19-17

Why:  to Live Younger Longer of course!

We aren’t entirely sure what made us decide suddenly to get a new puppy when we have such a busy life AND an older dog.

There’s the whole empty nest thing going on, but we were adjusting to that. Truth be told we did not really think it out all that much. In fact, one Monday afternoon we just jumped in the car and drove 3 hours to pick up an adorable pup that we saw a picture of online.

Are we crazy? Probably. But so far the whole family is smitten by this little bundle of fur.

So far so good with the little guy. His best friend already is Bailey, our 13 year old Golden Retriever and one of the best dogs in the world (yes we are partial).

best friends bailey and chase

We are acclimating him to as much as we can, taking him for many car rides to do local errands, on short trips, and he even traveled to New York City with us over the Christmas holiday.  It is tough in the winter, but we are getting him out for walks and he meets new people.

Chase NYC

He is a quick learner. At 4 months he knows more than 4 tricks, and even though there are ‘accidents’ – he’s doing very well potty training (plus I get new floors once he’s done with these carpets).

Check back to see what we’re up to with Chase and how he is helping to keep us young and healthy!