Athletes Need Nutrition: Proud Mom Shares Pic of Her College Athlete

Tonight I had planned to post an entirely different subject, and then I saw this picture of #15 which was in the Williamsport, PA newspaper today.  And so this proud mother decided to put it up here for everyone to see.  This young lady is in fact a Shaklee Independend Distributor’s child and she has swallowed a lot of nutrition supplements, used many personal care products, had her laundry done and home cleaned with the wonderful cleaning products that help save our planet as well, drinks the filtered water (when she is at home) and benefits from the air purification at home (and she even has a portable air purifier at school).  So I think she deserves some publicity here!  You will have to ask her personally for her testimonials!!

A little background for all of you who don’t know Jessica Rae Zerbee personally:  she is a freshman student and athlete at Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA.  She is a business major and plays basketball for the women’s team.  She has started most games this year which is quite an accomplishment as a freshman player.  She has played basketball on organized teams for probably 10 years and loves the sport.  She is a true point guard with a great eye for the entire court and a most aggressive defensive player.

Jess has a fun, friendly personality and has adjusted to college life and her new independence quite well! Her family is quite proud of her and loves her very much.

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