Research on Aging and Nutrition

research on aging

Research on aging is both interesting and educational to me. I have believed for a very long time that we can build better health. We can learn what will keep us healthy, and what will help us fight aging so that we can feel younger and stronger, and then take action with that knowledge.

Every day our bodies build new cells, repair cells and all of your cells replicate every 7 – 10 years. Does that mean you can create a whole new body? No. But the important thing to know is that we can improve our health.

nutrition for aging

Here is a podcast discussion from Shaklee scientists about aging research and nutrition and how you can benefit.

[audio:|titles=Research on Aging]

We know that stress, a poor diet, chemicals and toxins can all weaken our cells and damage DNA. We use science, research, and the answers they produce to learn about how nutrition can help us. And then we decide what’s right for us.

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