Resveratrol Supplement of the Highest Quality

We all know (as we’re inundated with exposure) that there are many, many resveratrol supplements on the market today.

Don’t we all want to live longer?  But not just grow older.. feel good, feel younger, have better quality of life?

So we are watching all of this anti-aging research that is happening and what is being produced out of that.

What makes one brand different from another?  Quality?  Efficacy?  Safety?  Performance?  All of the above?

Since natural food supplements are still unregulated, all of these factors are important because we want to make sure that the money we spend is going to produce the results we want and of course that we are safe.  We aren’t looking for a resveratrol product that has miniscule amounts of active ingredient, or is unpure and might result in digestive issues we don’t want, or simply isn’t good quality to make much of a difference.

For 25+ years, I have trusted a brand that is based on science.  To many of our distributor’s frustration, it can take years before a product is introduced to the market.  That is because the company won’t release it until it is proven to work, which includes being absorbable to the body in a formula that is most beneficial.

These formulas are complex, combining synergistic ingredients that enhance how each works.  It takes science, research, testing, and more testing to get it right.  Our scientists find ingredients from all over the world and sometimes that can be quite challenging because our quality requirements are so high.

I remember reading about third party quality control experts that rave about our standards and how high our competitors that they have been set and will not waiver.  I remember hearing about the company being reviewed for pharmaceutical level standards even when that is not required for a food supplement company (inspectors were very impressed).

These are reasons why I choose to stay with a brand that I can trust.  But ultimately, even more important than all of that is that the products deliver.  If we don’t get results, we aren’t going to stick with it.

The resveratrol supplement from Shaklee Independent Distributors is a potent tonic equivalent to the resveratrol in 100 glasses of red wine, DAILY.  That makes 3000 glasses per month.  The unique formula that includes our super grape is 10X more powerful than a resveratrol product alone.

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