Liquid Resveratrol: Vivix for My All Day Alertness and Better Sleep

This past month I did a little test on a product called VIVIX, a liquid resveratrol product that I have been taking daily for almost two years now.  I stopped taking Vivix for about three weeks.

Resveratrol is made from red wine and its purpose is to help you live longer by making your cells healthier to fight the diseases of aging. Right now it is available in a natural supplement form, though there is aggressive research being done to make a pharmaceutical resveratrol form.

The serving size of Vivix (the brand I use) is only 1 teaspoon per day and it is equal to the resveratrol in 100 glasses of red wine. That’s because Shaklee combines resveratrol with polyphenols from the ‘super’ muscadine grape and the combination is 10 times more powerful than resveratrol alone.

Update: November, 2011. More proof about the value of resveratrol. Learn why this doctor is going to start taking a resveratrol supplement right away.  (See special offer of FREE VIVIX at the bottom of this article.)

Resveratrol, metabolism and your cells.

I don’t know about you but for me there are things that happen in terms of the way you feel or something hurting that you tend to ‘put up with’ instead of addressing right away. These are things that affect your quality of life.

Three things that I re-discovered last week when I started taking Vivix again were the same 3 things that I liked about it when I first started using it. Now I have a new appreciation for these things that I don’t have to live without. We don’t have to ‘put up’ with anything less than feeling great everyday!


Almost 2 years ago this summer I was taking my youngest daughter to visit colleges. Most were 2 – 3 hours driving distance away and something that has affected my driving for almost as long as I can remember, and especially in the summer (not sure if it is the heat or what because we are inside an air conditioned vehicle), is that I want to take a nap. As soon as we get on the road, I feel tired.

What was different during those trips is that I wasn’t tired. Not at all. They were long drives to the destination, a presentation to sit through and then a tour of the school. We usually had a bite to eat and then back on the road. Once we visited two schools in one day. It hit me about half way through the trips that I was not tired at all driving, or during any of the events. I was alert and focused throughout the day. This was the same when I was home. Every day there is this alertness and ability to focus better that comes along with taking Vivix.


I won’t call the energy I get from Vivix a burst of energy. And I do take my Cinch Protein Shake every morning that contributes to the balanced energy I get all the way till lunch. Together, they give me a constant feeling of energy to go from morning till night and not feel tired.

I felt this within a week of starting Vivix. Now, for almost two years, I have grown accustomed to feeling good. Feeling alert, focused and having enough energy to last all day long. So why would I need to ‘test’ this. For starters I sold my whole supply of Vivix before I realized I was at the end of my own bottle (not sure how I let that happen). It was going to be close to a week until my new supply would come and by that time I thought why not conduct this personal little test and stop my Vivix for a month – see if I noticed any difference. Well, I only lasted 3 weeks.


Sleep is one of the reasons I wanted to start taking resveratrol again. Sleeping better and feeling very rested when I woke up is another benefit I discovered within a couple of weeks after taking Vivix when it was first introduced on 8-8-08.  And it is something that I have come to expect.

This month, during my test, I could tell a difference. I have always been a good sleeper but I can’t say that I always felt rested when I woke up. This month not only did I have a few nights that I didn’t sleep well, which may have been unrelated, I didn’t feel as rested. I like that feeling of waking up, feeling good, and ready for a full day!


I don’t think that I will be doing more Vivix testing anytime soon, at least not in regard to pulling it out of my food supplement regimen. I believe in it too much and I am getting such great results. Why would I want to mess with that?

And the three I mentioned may not be the main benefits associated with resveratrol. It does a lot on the inside that we don’t see and won’t feel either. It is working at the cellular level to fight the diseases of aging while also giving us better quality of life. Still, these benefits that I have noticed are benefits lots of people notice and it is good to ‘feel’ some of the benefits.

Another thing that will appeal to lots of us is looking younger than our age. When resveratrol is hard at work keeping us younger, it is helping us look better. It is not a miracle worker, or surgery, but if you take it faithfully (EVERY DAY) I really believe that people are going to notice something different about you!

To learn more about this natural resveratrol, anti-aging supplement, visit:  VIVIX EXPLAINED.

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