Seasonal Allergies: Natural Remedies Can Make You Feel A Whole Lot Better

seasonal allergies

Do you have seasonal allergies and want to know how natural remedies can help? Maybe you don’t like the side effects of over-the-counter allergy meds. The good news is that it is pretty painless to see if natural remedies for seasonal allergies can help. What can really help you is to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and get your body healthier to fight allergic triggers.

Your allergies can affect your respiratory system (including sinuses), digestive system (most of your immune system resides in this area), your skin or all of these. You can target natural remedies to make each of these parts of your body stronger and healthier. If your symptoms are acting up right now, try some natural alternatives for a few months (preferably commit to 6 months) and see what results you get.

The most common allergies are asthma, seasonal allergies like hay fever and a skin condition called eczema. Your allergy symptoms can be anywhere from mild to severe. The natural approach to fighting allergies involves different steps that work together. Today we take a closer look at some natural remedies for seasonal allergies.

But first lets just talk briefly about why your immune system might fail you, and let those nasty allergy symptoms attack. When there is a threat, your immune system must act very fast. It’s a huge energy requirement and needs a high metabolic rate to perform. Your body needs optimal nutrition to function at optimal levels, and there are many other factors that come into play as well.

What you eat, drink and/or breathe can affect your immune system. High cholesterol can suppress your immune system. Stress challenges your immune system big time. In fact when your body is constantly releasing cortisol that is triggered by stress, it depletes your immune system.

Nutrition solutions are one of the best kind of natural remedies that you can target for almost any health condition, including allergies. Your body can become stronger and healthier with optimal nutrition. Your body can actually heal itself of many health challenges. But you have to commit to the process.

Alternative Approach to Seasonal Allergies

Immune System Booster – Natural Interferon may be the most intense way to boost your immune system. The only company that makes a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts that boosts the natural interferon in your body is The Shaklee Corporation, the #1 natural nutrition company in America. It was developed by world-renowned immunologist Dr. Kojima and is exclusive to any other brand in the world. The science and research behind the product span 40 years and the safety and efficacy of Nutriferon are 100% guaranteed.

Immune Strengthener – Immunity Formula I is another unique product to The Shaklee Corporation. It combines vitamins B, C and E with beta carotene and other minerals that all support a health, strong immune system. The spring and summer that I had allergies to flowers and pollens, I would take 3 or 4 of these in the morning and was amazed at how it took the symptoms of sneezing, watery eyes and sinus headache completely away. It was a product that I took on an as-needed basis for symptoms, as opposed to how you take Nutriferon every day.

alfalfa natural remedies

Alfalfa – Many people find relief from allergy symptoms by taking alfalfa. The roots of the alfalfa plant are very deep and the nutrients we get from an alfalfa supplement we don’t get from other sources, including our food. Shaklee Alfalfa is made from organically grown plants and is a superior source because of the nutrients inside that directly target allergic conditions, inflammation and even cardiovascular problems. Alfalfa is also a natural antihistamine and decongestant, and it is a great digestive aid.

Stress Relief Complex – If stress is a factor in your allergy challenges, you can benefit from this natural stress reliever. People love this product because it is fast acting and there are no side effects. You quickly feel relaxed and calmer, and still alert – such a wonderful combination!

A Multi-Vitamin is an excellent foundation supplement for strong immune systems, and many people like to take extra Vitamin C tablets during high allergy symptom periods.

I always target natural remedies for personal health issues that are non life-threatening. I believe that nutrition can make my body healthier and invite you to evaluate using all-natural, food-based, supplements from the #1 brand that guarantees their products 100%. When I have had allergy symptoms, including seasonal allergies, I am able to get relief naturally and at the same time build a strong immune system.

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