Shaklee Celebrating 65 Years

It’s hard to believe that we have personally been Shaklee users for almost 40 years! We can’t imagine life without this company that provides a way to live more naturally (chemical-free) and be consistently building better health so that we can live younger and healthier longer. This video gives a peek into this company and how they are unique and dedicated to total wellness.

Every day, we, personally, use Shaklee nutrition to fill the gaps of nutrients that we don’t get from our food and that our body needs for optimal health; we clean our home with natural cleaning products to avoid harmful chemicals, and we use natural personal care (cleansers, lotions and hair care) and skin care products to reduce chemical exposure.

Shaklee was green, natural, and wellness oriented long before that was ‘cool’. Reducing chemical exposure that is linked to all kinds of illnesses and diseases and living more naturally has now been proven to be healthier through science and through long-term studies.

You may not have heard about Shaklee, even though this company is credited with making the country’s first multi-vitamin and providing Earth Day with the first original green home cleaning product back in 1970. That’s primarily because Shaklee products are not sold in stores. Since 1956, they have been sold through distributors throughout the Unites States and some other countries. Today, you can also order online (still through a distributor to give you that personal connection and opportunity for personal support and access to helpful information) by visiting Shaklee store website: Shaklee for 65 years.

To learn more about our Shaklee story, check out this article here on the blog: Personal Shaklee Story.

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