Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett Shares Home Business Message:

(To see the buzz about resveratrol.. watch the videos on the Healthy Audios and Videos link above.)

Anti-Aging Income? Why should your income go down when your retire, or even during a recession. Just as we take charge of our own good health for now and for the future, we can choose to increase our income with a health and wellness home business.

Roger Barnett delivers a timely message in the video below.  There are a few testimonials before he begins to talk (1.45 mark) with us about the reality that despite our nation’s economic situation, Shaklee the company is thriving, and people that choose to start a Shaklee home business can change their lives forever.  His message is relevant and important.. the whole way through.  I hope that you like what he has to say as much as I do.

As Shaklee Independent Distributors, we are offered an opportunity to have whatever it is that we choose.  Income is unlimited, helping people is encouraged and very rewarding, and we are our own boss, never to be fired again and setting our own work schedule around the important things in life that we don’t want to miss.

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