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Do you have an idea of what your HEALTHPRINT looks like?

There is a revolutionary new tool that can give you some important, personalized health and wellness information that we like to think about as your unique healthprint.

The Me+ology assessment is based on your biology, your lifestyle and your health goals. The results are unique to YOU!  To access, go here and click on the green Get Started buttons under:  Me+ology.  

If you are needing some help to feel healthier and to build long term good health, it starts with finding out what your body needs.

You will answer a series of questions and there is no obligation to do anything other than read the information that is generated personally for you:  Me+ology.

How does Nutrition fit into having your best health?

Nutrition plays a huge role in your health.  What you feed your body, your cells, is what drives your health.

Do you have any personal health challenges?  And are you interested in improving them by taking a closer look at your healthprint?

Here are some of those challenges:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Energy
  • Aches and Pains (all the time)
  • Skin Issues
  • Allergies
  • Digestions troubles
  • Sleep problems
  • Getting sick a lot including infections
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Underweight
  • Mood, thought or behavior problems
  • Diagnosed illnesses and diseases

Your body tells you when it is having troubles, but you have to listen.

And your body needs the right kind of nutrients to be healthy.

Every day old cells are replaced with new cells. The key to better health is to replace the old cells with better cells.

The way you do that is to give your cells healthy nutrition. You wouldn’t expect your car to run well if you give it bad gas or oil or parts.

How can your body be healthy with bad food that lacks nutrients, or drinks that are full of sugar and calories but no nutrition?

did you know stress

Your body can also heal itself of many health challenges (for real!)

When you have health challenges, chances are you have a deficiency of some kind. It’s not only because the health issue is ‘genetic.’ It may be genetic, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it and not look for natural ways to heal.

Your body is amazing how it can work the way it’s meant to work when given the proper nutrition. What feeds your cells determines the health of those cells – YOUR HEALTH!

For example, fatigue and stress are two of the primary reasons why people visit the doctor for a sick call. Either of them could be a sign that your body is lacking nutrients – or getting sick. Both are problems that you do not have to live with every day.

We know these facts about the body and nutrition first hand, because 38 years ago we had some health challenges. We went looking for natural solutions to avoid meds or chronic type illnesses.

It worked! And it continues to work. Way back 38 years ago we found natural solutions that have since been PROVEN TO WORK through long term (30 year) clinical studies.

So this isn’t hype or suggestion, it is REAL. You really can build yourself BETTER HEALTH.

YOU are more in control of your health than you realize.

Another way to determine if your body is giving you a warning sign is your appearance – how healthy do you look?

If you ignore the signs, even small signs, the problem just gets bigger.

Sometimes you make excuses why you feel sick. You find some reason outside your body, such as you were around someone who was sick or you appear to be in better shape than a friend who is always sick or whatever you are struggling with ‘runs in my family’.

Maybe you are not paying close attention to your health and your energy levels and how you really feel each day. We can get so distracted that we ignore our health because we have to get through the day, and the next and the next because our lives are so busy.

When the problem gets serious you can end up in the hospital for a short stay or perhaps an extended illness.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your body is designed to be healthy, to repair itself, and to live healthy longer than the average person in the United States today lives.

You can learn to embrace health and avoid illness by learning how to make healthy choices to lower your levels of deficiency and toxicity (chemical exposure) and raise the levels of nutrients that feed your cells and make you healthy.

key nutrients

What we have learned is that the reason why you feel fatigue or stress or sick may be because your cells are not getting the nutrients they need to be healthy.

It is fascinating to study your body’s cells and what they need. We study one doctor who has researched extensively and believes there are only two reasons why anyone would get sick:  1)  because your cells are not getting the proper nutrition they need, or 2)  your cells have too many toxins. He believes any illness or disease you can get is because of these two factors.

Doctors who study the brain have discovered all kinds of new things in the past 5-10 years about the brain, in fact more than ever before in our history. Exciting information that is emerging connects your thoughts to your health. Healthy thoughts produce healthy cells and chronic negative, stressful or angry thoughts hurt the cells.

In addition to nutrition and your thoughts, physical activity is the other important component in your best health!

Regular exercise is proven to be good for your body, and even walking regularly is so good for your health.

You are not going to keep a healthy body with bad food, bad drinks, bad thinking or bad lifestyle. 

The good news is there are BETTER CHOICES.

Contact us anytime to discuss:  through this website, or by phone or text or email.

shaklee healthprint

Shaklee Products (lots of information on natural supplements and chemical free living).

Check back in September for the launch of something revolutionary in personal health and wellness!

essential nutrients

Shaklee has made supplementing with natural nutrition so simple:  1 -2 – 3 SIMPLE!

To learn more about increasing your nutrition by bridging the gap between the nutrients you get in your food and the nutrients your body needs for optimal health, check out how easy Shaklee has made it so supplement your diet.


1- Essential Nutrition

2 – Targeted Solutions

3 – Vitamin and Mineral Boosts

Learn more here

In regard to the Shaklee Difference, understand that “Shaklee products are safe, proven and 100 percent guaranteed. If you’re not feeling an improvement after 30 days, you can return the product no questions asked.” Plus we help with questions about the nutrition supplements and how to use them most effectively.

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