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For many, running is a way to keep in shape, have sustained energy, fight aging, and just feel good. For the serious runner, all the way down to occasional runners, it is important to have the right gear. Shoes make all of the difference in the world because running is challenging to the feet without quality foot wear.

Knowing the arch that your foot has can be helpful in determining the needs that your feet have when you run. There are low arches, high arches, and neutral arches, each with their unique considerations in regard to cushion, stability, and motion control.

All four of my children played basketball. The girls also played soccer, and the boys played baseball. Running is involved in all of these sports and I have seen many foot and ankle issues with children who played on these team sports. One thing that was encouraged was buying good shoes for these active kids. The same is true for adults. The pounding of running can take its toll on feet that are not adequately fit for shoes, and protected.

I like a combination of quality and value. Quality is important because of the results that are delivered. It is a fact that with running shoes, the same as with anti-aging nutrition, there exists a difference in quality of products (be it materials or ingredients), technology, and benefits delivered, from brand to brand.

Being able to access quality reports of running shoes and even watching videos about different brands allows the buyer to do comprehensive research before making the purchase. The different options for obtaining information help make the shopping experience more enjoyable as well.

Support, cushioning and stability should be more important than price, however it is a reality that people have different budget levels. I was recently introduced to ShopWiki, an online retail site that finds you the best deal on quality running gear. Shop Wiki searches the internet looking for all sources of the product you are trying to locate. It would be similar to comparing how Google searches the internet to return the most relevant search results, and unlike other shopping sites that find you products from stores where they have an affiliate arrangement.

I like the idea of finding quality products for the best price. Having a service search the internet for me saves time and money. The opportunity for my family to find running shoes, and other gear like pedometers and heart rate monitors, from the convenience of our home and getting the best deal available was a great discovery.

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