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Learn more about the Shaklee brand of SPORTS NUTRITION.. supplements that you know are pure, natural and never have any type of hidden or banned ingredients:

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ENERGY you need to power through your workouts, the focus to get through your workday, help you feel more alert and even improve your mood.

HYDRATION for athletes, workouts, weekend warriors – every body functions best with proper hydration and water isn’t always enough. Hydration with electrolytes may be the extra fuel you need!

MUSCLE RECOVERY is part of your post-workout routine and should not be ignored. Giving your muscles the nutrition they need at the exact time they need it after workouts will help your body recover and be in better shape for your next workout – plus you won’t be as sore!

Shaklee Sports Nutrition

It’s summer as we post this page, though it’s a healthy choice to gear up, set some goals, and get seriously active all year long.  You -and your body -will enjoy the benefits!  Maybe for you, that means trying a new sport, beginning a new workout regiment, or just spending more time outside hiking in nature.

Maybe you’re already a serious athlete, or maybe you’re more of a weekend warrior, or perhaps you’re just beginning to make exercise a part of your life.  Whether golf is your game, tennis or pilates, or long distance cycling, it takes good nutrition to make the most of an active lifestyle.  “Put in the best to bring out the best.”

Shaklee has literally been on the cutting edge of sports nutrition for a very long time, 30 years to be exact!  And we are proud to say that the same research that went into the formulation of Shaklee sports nutrition products still holds up today.

The trio of Shaklee Energy Chews, Performance and Physique, together, can help your perform better, train longer, recover faster; and we absolutely have the clinical test to prove it.  There’s a lot of noise in the market place about what to eat or drink to maximize a workout.  The beauty of all three Shaklee sports nutrition products is that they provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Energy Chews

Energy for workout

Pure energy – with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors – and no fairy dust sprinkling of ingredients on the label that makes some products look good; but in reality, those extra ingredients don’t do anything to help you perform better.  When you stick with the science, you get what you need and nothing you don’t!

Energy is something you need before heading to the gym, or doing any kind of workout including your daily two mile walk!  When you begin your exercise or sport, you want energy and you want focus.  Sometimes you need that to get through your work day, or to keep up with the kids on a busy day.

This is exactly the energy that Shaklee Energy Chews can provide – pure energy on demand to give you that extra edge right when you need it most.  Shaklee Energy Chews are a Citrus Chew formula that gives you a burst of energy that can help you improve your performance and sharpen your focus.

What’s in these Energy Chews you ask?  A scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, B vitamins and vitamin D.  They also contain L-tyrosine and L-theanine – two amino acids that have been extensively studied for their effects on mood, mental clarity, and focus.

One thing for certain, before a workout, Energy Chews are a great, healthier alternative to coffee or one of those sugar-filled energy drinks that can send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride from high to low.  And low blood sugar can really have a negative impact on your energy level.

According to recent research published by the National Institutes of Health, vitamin D may improve athletic performance in vitamin D deficient athletes and it may also protect the athlete against several acute and chronic health risks.  B vitamins are included since they are necessary for converting proteins and carbohydrates into physical energy and they’re also used during the production and repair of cells including red blood cells.

According to several studies, including a recent study from Oregon State University, it appears that athletes who have a B vitamin deficiency may exhibit performance deficits during high intensity exercise.  They may also have a decreased ability to repair and build muscle compared to those with nutrient rich diets.  That’s a pretty good case for including B vitamins in an energy formulation.

Before an exercise or an athletic competition, or maybe in the middle of your work day, consider powering up with Pure Energy Chews for that boost of immediate energy your body is telling you it needs.  Now, how about during a workout?

To learn more about energy for workout read our Get More Energy Naturally:  Feel Alert and Focused article.

Performance Hydration for Athletes (all levels and weekend warriors too!)

hydration for athletes

To learn more about a hydration solution whose ‘performance’ in your body will blow you away:

Shaklee’s hydration for athletes drink – and really for everyone needing more than water during workouts or athletic activities – is Performance.  You can mix it in various dilutions according to your needs and the level of physical activity.  The temperature, including humidity, also plays a role in determining the amount of electrolytes and carbs your body needs to help stay hydrated.

Scientific research has shown over and over again that what the body needs most of all during workout is hydration.  It also needs electrolytes to facilitate fluid balance plus the right amount of carbohydrates to help sustain energy.  It’s a fact that dehydration is the most common cause of athletic fatigue and poor athletic performance.  And one of the things to remember when you’re exercising is that you generally need more fluids than you think.  Your body does a poor job of communicating its real fluid needs.

Performance is a terrific drink to keep you energized during your workout because it offers hydration and it provides you with the electrolytes you need to support optimal fluid balance.  It contains Shaklee’s proprietary Opti-Lyte electrolyte blend, which provides more electrolytes than the leading hydration drink on the market.

And Performance delivers a full spectrum of electrolytes including sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chloride, calcium, and magnesium to minimize fluid loss and encourage your body to maintain fluid balance.

Along with electrolytes and water, Performance also contains a unique mix of carbohydrates for sustained energy and stamina.  There are 25 grams of muscle fueling carbs in every serving when mix as directed!  You may be a weekend warrior that doesn’t workout at the same level as a professional athlete, but the humidity of the summer months takes a lot out of you while walking, golfing, gardening, biking, etc.  Performance mixed a little lighter is not only refreshing to drink but it really does rehydrate you and make you feel so much better.

Let’s look at the science that went into the Performance formulation because Shaklee science is what sets all products from this brand apart from anything else you will find on the market.  Shaklee performed a number of scientific studies with athletes to help determine the optimal balance between carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water.

After that, Shaklee tested that formulation to make sure it delivered measurably improved energy and stamina compared to water alone.  Not only did it do exactly that, it fueled the athletes beyond their projected performance levels.

A cyclist who drank Performance was able to perform for 33 minutes longer, before fatigue, than the cyclist who drank water only.  And the cyclist who drank Performance finished a three hour ride with blood glucose levels equal to or greater than the amount at the beginning of the ride.

When this scientifically formulated balance of water, electrolytes and carbohydrates called Performance was tested, studies showed that those three ingredients together actually increased endurance.

Equally important to note is that unlike many other sports drinks on the market, Performance delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t.  There is nothing artificial in Performance – no fake flavors, sweeteners, synthetic coloring agents or added preservatives.

Performance is formulated to provide both immediate and sustained energy because it helps you maintain blood glucose levels to sustain intense energy output and to increase stamina.  The longer and tougher your workouts, the better Performance gets.

It comes in two refreshing flavors:  lemon lime and natural orange.

To learn more about hydration during sports or while you exercise, read our Hydration Athletes article.

Physique Recovery Workout Drinks

workout recovery drinks

What do you need to help your muscles recover after a workout or competition?  The magic word is recovery.  Whether you’re finishing an intense exercise session, crossing the finish line or ending a good core workout, the energy in your muscles has been depleted.  Post-workout recovery may be the most overlooked part of exercising.

If you really want your workout to have an impact long term, you need to help your muscles recover and rebuild, which means you need to give your muscles the nutrients they need so they can repair, gain strength and replace and restore energy.  In addition to resting, you can increase your level of fitness when you give your muscles good nutrition after your workout.  Not only will you maximize your glycogen stores in your muscles, but the amino acids will help repair muscle tissues and avoid muscle pain.

Sports Recovery Drinks

There’s research showing that what an athlete consumes after a workout may actually be as important to muscle building as the workout itself.  Exercise breaks down muscle proteins for energy so when you consume protein after your workout you build muscle strength.  After a workout, you need to recover and refuel to optimize the benefits of that exercise.  And it really matters exactly what you consume after you exercise.

A lot of research is centered around formulating the perfect combination of nutrients post workout; and the results are almost always the same.  You need protein and carbohydrates plus fluids – exactly what Shaklee’s third sports and nutrition product, Shaklee Physique, delivers.

Physique is a unique protein and carbohydrate blend called Bio-Build that has been clinically proven to naturally activate the body’s recovery process following exercise.  Also built in is an intelligent release system of protein sources that ensures the full spectrum of critical amino acids are absorbed by your muscles over time to better support muscle rebuilding and muscle energy re-storage.

Shaklee didn’t just assume the formulation was the right balance.  They tested Physique against drinks that were protein alone and that provided only carbohydrates.  The Bio-Build combination of protein and carbs in Physique helps to trigger the secretion of insulin into the blood stream, promoting the uptake of muscle energy and amino acids into muscle cells.

Shaklee Physique Improves Recovery

When Shaklee tested Physique, our scientists found that the muscle energy stores for participants who drank Physique immediately, and two hours following exercise, was nearly five times greater in the four hours after exercise than that of participants who just drank a protein shake.  And the muscle energy storage was a third again greater than those who just drank a carbohydrate shake.  Physique delivers a greater muscle glycogen response following exercise than either protein of carbohydrate alone.  Muscle glycogen is the body’s most critical (and limited) muscle energy source.

It’s the combination of protein and carbs that makes the difference.  And there is that window of opportunity – which is right after exercise – that you can feed the muscles what they need to enhance recovery, store muscle energy, repair and rebuild muscle.  Shaklee Physique is a pure, natural, high-octane fuel for rapid muscle recovery, endurance, and strength. The intelligent-release protein blend and unique protein-to-carb ratio called BIO-BUILD will allow your body to absorb a full spectrum of amino acids over time, help build firm, lean muscles, help restore muscle energy and support muscle repair.

Physique also contains 18 vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids that have been clinically proven to naturally activate and enhance the body’s recovery process after exercise.  Do you want to recover faster? Recover more completely?  Physique restores energy to your muscles when taken immediately after working out, and again two hours later if you have intense exercise or workouts.

To learn more about you muscles and how they respond to exercise, read our Food For Muscle Recovery article.

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