Sports Nutrition: Taking Your Physical and Mental Activity to the Next Level

benefits of sports nutrition

There are different levels of physical activity. From daily walking to intense exercise or competitive sports, we all have nutrition needs. You may need more protein if you work out more than average, and you will definitely need to hydrate your body properly to have the fuel you need to get through your activity.

Your fitness program can help you tone your body, reducing fat and building lean muscle. It will prepare you to compete  in your sport, or help keep your body healthy if you are working out to improve your health. If you are struggling at all with your work outs or taking them to the next level, you should look at the quality of your nutrition.

Lean, vegetable protein is a healthy choice as part of your daily diet, and it has muscle recovery benefits after physical activity. And, of course, all-natural nutrition supplements have been proven to support your immune system and provide better overall health that fuels an active lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition:

  • all-natural supplements
  • excellent protein sources
  • vitamin fueled
  • healthy energy chews
  • unique hydration drink that’s better than water


Performance provides 67% more healthy carbohydrate muscle fuel than Gatorade, and without artificial ingredients.

Here are some testimonials on Shaklee Sports Nutrition products. The first one is about both hydration and energy because Shaklee Performance gives you both.  It is clinically tested, all-natural (you don’t need yet more chemicals when you’re fueling your body to work out), and helps maintain blood sugar during exercise to prevent “hitting the wall.”

Hitting the Wall

My niece, Jessica, is a marathoner who took a year off to have her 2nd child. When she returned to training for the Chicago Marathon, she started using Performance. She called us excitedly after the race and said, “I cut an hour off my best time and it is all because of Performance.” She told us that she froze small bottles of Performance and wore them around her waist and as she got tired, she would drink a bottle and go on. She told us that during the race she never, “hit the wall” (tired to the point of collapsing).    -Tom F.

Next we have protein and my own two sons absolutely love the Shaklee Physique product for muscle recovery. They have tried other products such as muscle milk or other whey protein sources and say that no other product can compare with the muscle mass and recovery benefits you get from Physique.

P90X + Protein

I have been using the P90X workout program for the past two weeks now, and I would like to share how Shaklee has aided me in my personal fitness. The workouts used by P90X are extreme; they take a huge amount of energy out of the body.

I make sure to take Physique immediately after working out, to replace what the body has lost. There are many protein powder workout supplements on the market, but they will not give the body all of what it needs. The body needs Carbs along with Proteins to synthesize the protein into the muscles; without Carbs it will not find the nutrients needed.

If you look at many protein powders out there today, you will see a huge amount of protein, but the carbs are sadly lacking. What this means is that the powder will not aid you in muscle repair, because the body cannot make proper use of the protein you are giving it.

That is why I use Physique; it has the carbs I need to synthesize that protein and it tastes delicious too! -Josiah D.

This next testimony is similar to what I mentioned above and one of the reasons I love Shaklee Energy Chews – they ‘wake you up’! Not like a quick boost of energy, but a definite, noticeable sense of alertness.

Energy Lift

I am a Captain in the US Army deployed in Iraq. I am writing this testimonial as a thank you to Shaklee and as a message to anyone seeking a healthy means of energy during the day. As the ISF Officer for the 130th Engineer Brigade, I am constantly coordinating with US and Iraqi organizations echelons above and below my unit. All this coordination translates into long hours in front of a computer and sitting in non-stop meetings; often times struggling to stay awake an focused. I have only used Shaklee’s Energy Chews for a week, yet on the first day I took it, I noticed not only an immediate boost of energy but also enhanced clarity of thought and increased motivation. -CPT Ryan P.

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