Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff


Yesterday on the Today Show I watched an interview with an author who wrote the book, “Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff,” about weight loss that is based on getting rid of all your extra stuff.  It does sort of make sense if you like to theme things in your life. In this case, you get the mentality of cleaning out your home environment in terms of your health and your body at the same time. Shed the excess.

I got to thinking that weight loss may be more about mindset than actually going on a diet. After all, we go on diet after diet and yet the reason why we do is because they don’t work for us. Or do they? Or would they? IF we are truly committed. IF we have the right mindset to see it through to get the results.

So if it takes something like a theme or a creative plan like Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff to lose weight, why not? Whatever works right? I didn’t associate it at the time last year, but when I decided to lose 10 lbs I was also getting ready for our annual yard sale. Of course I hadn’t read this book since it was just recently written, and yet there I was doing it!

It really does feel good to me to get rid of junk. As much as I hate working a yard sale, our neighborhood has one on the second Saturday of May every year. I like the part of gathering up all the ‘junk’ and getting rid of it (have never liked nor do I actually sell the stuff Saturday morning – that’s my husband’s part!).

It really is a lighter feeling at the end of that day. Whatever doesn’t sell, I box up and go straight to Goodwill and donate all of it. Nothing comes back inside the house. Would Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff feel good to you?

What if you got your mind totally around something that is going to make you feel good in addition to losing weight. What if you combine these two things and talked your way through it every day until you reached your goal.

Here’s a link to the video interview of the author of “Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff.”  And a link to the book is below.

Get rid of extra pounds, clutter once and for all

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