Sugar and White Flour Deplete B Vitamins in Your Body

sugar depletes b vitamins

Today is Decorating with Candy Day.. but how much of that candy are you using to decorate your stomach?

Ok not to be a Debbie Downer on candy day, but this is helpful news to have for your good health and energy every day!

Did you know that sugar – and white flour that turns to sugar in your body – deplete your B vitamins that are very important for your health and energy levels (sugar crashes!!).

Sugar is either prominently known in the foods, like candy, that you eat, or hidden in lots of foods and drinks that you don’t realize contain so much sugar.

This could be why so many people are either low or deficient in B vitamins. And there are some other nutrients in your body directly affected by sugar.

Besides B vitamins there are other nutrients like magnesium and chromium that are helpful in keeping your blood sugar balanced.

Here are some resources for you to evaluate. And if you simply can’t give up the sugar – maybe increase some of the helpful nutrients. It can be hard to get all of those from your diet, so we noted some all-natural, food based forms that are EASY TO TAKE DAILY!

Excessive sugar has a strong mal-effect on the functioning of the brain. The key to orderly brain function is glutamic acid, a vital compound found in many vegetables. The B vitamins play a major role in dividing glutamic acid into antagonistic-complementary compounds which produce a “proceed” or “control” response in the brain. B vitamins are also manufactured by symbiotic bacteria which live in our intestines. When refined sugar is taken daily, these bacteria wither and die, and our stock of B vitamins gets very low. Too much sugar makes one sleepy; our ability to calculate and remember is lost.

Source:  Refined Sugar:  The Sweetest Poison of All


Note:  Natural nutrition supplements from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company are food based – that means made from real food, not synthetic made. They are as close to the way you find the nutrients in your food as possible.

B Vitamins from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company


Magnesium is very important for your blood sugar levels.

People with higher amounts of magnesium in their diets tend to have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Magnesium helps the body break down sugars and might help reduce the risk of insulin resistance (a condition that leads to diabetes). Scientists are studying whether magnesium supplements might help people who already have type 2 diabetes control their disease. More research is needed to better understand whether magnesium can help treat diabetes.

Source:  National Institutes of Health

Magnesium from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company

MAGNESIUM COMPLEX (sustained release)

Chromium is another nutrient important to your body’s blood sugar and it is used for regulating blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Chromium from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company



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