Swine Flu One Reason Why To Build Our Immune System with Interferon

Let’s face it, it’s a tough world out there, especially for the body’s immune system. On a daily basis we are exposed to viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, and even death. We live in an environment where we travel, or our neighbor travels, all over the world. Even when there is not a major scare like the present Swine Flu that can be spread from people carrying a virus back with them, our lives are fast paced which can lead to stress that weakens our immune system. Most of us have a hard time eating a healthy diet due to lack of time or the appeal of the drive through convenience. Even more of us struggle with getting enough rest or exercise that are both associated with better health. Our immune system is facing an uphill battle on a daily if not hourly basis.

While all of this is stacked against us there is good news. Our immune system is a highly complex system. It runs without much from us. One of the most complex components of the immune system is the interferon cell. The interferon cells are part of the non-specific immune system. This means they are present at the very first and earliest stages of disease and infections.

These cells are what some many call the first line of defense. Interferon cells detect threats to our health. They know when there are viruses, bacteria and tumors in our system and go to work. They set up a shield to protect us against these invaders. They call out other helper cells such as the white blood cells and killer cells to aid in defenses. They are key components to our good health.

Many diseases are treated with interferon treatments and respond. Interferon therapy is used in tandem with radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients. It is also used in Multiple Sclerosis and Hepatitis C treatments. Russia and Eastern Europe use interferon in low doses to treat common ailments of cold and the flu.

Studies have been done to isolate the components in certain herbs that help provide immune support. To name a few there is pumpkin seed, plantago seeds and safflower flower. These ingredients have all been shown to increase the activity of immune cells. They help activate defenses, alert immune cells and target bad cells. Immune support will enable the immune system to work at peak performance.

It stands to reason if we can ensure we have a healthy immune system the body’s natural interferon cells will work properly. We can take precautions and boost the natural interferon cell’s ability by taking supplements specifically for this. Boosting the immune system is a wise thing to do in such a fast paced, stressful, international environment that we live in today.


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8 thoughts on “Swine Flu One Reason Why To Build Our Immune System with Interferon”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Interesting post. I agree that we need to pay greater attention to the systems of our body and in many cases supplement to offset missing factors in our daily diet. It sounds like interferon may assist with helping support our immune system; our first line of defense. Are there any specific studies pertaining to interferon and battling the impacts of swine flu.

  2. We just assume that our bodies are going to continue to carry us through life even though we don’t take care of them. Like a car, if you don’t give it oil, gasoline and the occasional tune-up, it’s not going to get you where you need to be. We need to take better care of ourselves!

  3. Very interesting and compelling too!

    I am going to look into this herbal substitute for sure. I thought I was doing everything I could to bolster my immune system but maybe I was mistaken and need to include this too.

    Thank you for bringing this info to light!


  4. Like yourself I take a supplements to replace and build elements that our bodies don’t make well or due to life style we don’t otherwise ingest. I also believe that we are damaging just standard common immune building principles in our bodies by over sanitising everything. For our bodies to cope better with what the world dishes out we have to allow our children and ourselves a certain amount of ‘germ’ factor, so our bodies can cope with the ever changing germs that our in our society today.

    Great article, thanks for sharing

  5. I have found that there are many supplements that help people in many ways. This herbal substitute sounds very beneficial! The swine flu is really a bad deal !

    Our diet seems to control so much of how our body works!

  6. Hi FIVE folks … super thoughts you have kicked off in my mind here with this article because all Ive heard on the media is how to cover up and wait till the swine flu comes and strikes you down when it comes to an area near you if you take the medication that will be dished out when this flu reaches pandemic proportions … now that will fire up enough stress to have most of the population in a stressful state creating the perfect body environment to take on-board this flu or any other air borne diseases that normally could have had a good chance to be fought off by our own immunity defenses before this media onslaught of fear spreading I’m sure is fueled to help sell more news papers … as you point out we have the history from nature to help ourselves if only we take a few minutes a day to check whats naturally available from plants and whats on offer all around us…

    way to go folks naturally
    Phillip Skinner

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