Swine Flu Status on Vaccines: Being Rushed to Market?

I found the video below online today and thought it worth posting to keep everyone informed.  There is good and bad with vaccines.  In general more good than bad although there are those who feel very strongly against.  For more serious disease, I am a believer.  For the flu, I believe in being proactive and instead focus on improving immune system.

When I listened to the video, it reinforced my belief in building my immune system to prepare for flu season.  We are hearing about the H1N1 virus constantly in the news and people are scared.  There is a lot that is unknown.

What has been proven is that when we strengthen our immune system, we fight off illness better.  I would rather be prepared than worried.  And I don’t like that anything we put in our body is being rushed to market.

For your information.. I welcome your comments.

To learn more go to:  build immune system.


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