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Do You Switch Brands of Multi-Vitamins? Here’s Why I Don’t.

As a user of the same brand of multivitamin for over 34 years, I found it really surprising to learn that many (‘most’ was quoted but I am being conservative going with ‘many’) people who take multivitamins switch from brand to brand or product to product.

switch brands multivitamin

Why Do People Switch Brands or Multivitamin Products

  • advertised sales – choosing the cheapest product
  • promotions – including celebrity endorsements
  • recommendation – from a doctor or trainer, etc.
  • new fad or miracle ingredient
  • do not ‘feel a difference’

Those might not be all the reasons but they are some primary ones stated. Let’s look at them more in depth.

One of the very first things I learned when I started to research vitamin supplements many many (over 34) years ago was that not all brands are created equal. This would be the #1 reason I would not choose the brand that is on sale for the cheapest amount. What I have learned is that the companies that make those vitamins can’t be using high quality ingredients and effective ingredient delivery systems that help your body absorb them – because those things cost money. A company

When you think about celebrity endorsements or high profile advertising, you get the feeling the company behind the vitamins are putting the money in marketing rather than the product.

Recommendations are great except that not all doctors, trainers, or others who recommend vitamins are doing the research and/or realizing that products differ WIDELY between brands. They might be falling into the traps of some or all of these reasons why people buy certain products (and then switch when they don’t get results).

Ah one of the most interesting concepts to me are fads, products of the month, or miracle ingredients. These most often are not backed by science, do no have the research or the proven results behind them, or are just blatantly violating the best practices of selling supplements. There aren’t miracle products, but there are products that are proven to work, and 100% guaranteed. Fads are not.

Last there is the ‘do not feel a difference’ reason for switching brands of vitamins. I can definitely understand the reasoning on this one. I want results for sure. I want to feel better, and I want to know the vitamins are definitely making me healthier.

Fortunately, I have not switched brands for 34 years. I have no reason to change brands.

whole food vitamins

Multivitamin Brand I Have Never Switched

It can be so confusing (SO confusing) trying to decide on a brand or type of multivitamin to use. There are some standards to look at, and some differences to consider.

You don’t need artificials in your vitamins – there is enough in our foods these days and enough is certainly enough when it comes to what you put in your body. You don’t need artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives in your multivitamin. It is important to me that my multivitamin does not have artificial ingredients.

Optimum levels of trace minerals, such as selenium, chromium, and manganese, that your body needs have been in the brand I use since they were first developed, and before scientists recognized that they are essential to good health. That’s because the science has always been with this brand.

I choose the #1 natural nutrition company in America. They have the science. They have the research. They have the proven efficacy of products. They make me healthier in a way I can measure.

Blood tests are a great way to measure health. Proof came to me in the form of comparing two sets of my blood work that were done 12 years apart, ages 40 and 52. This is an age range when certain blood test results start to creep up (into the unhealthy range) or really jump up. Mine were virtually the same so I have to think that my vitamins are working.

I take a vitamin program recommended by the brand I use because they have a 20 year landmark supplement study (that no other brand has) that proves that the vitamins will make you healthier. That’s what I need to know and then I don’t have to think about the brand I use – I simply take the vitamins every day.

That leads to one last point I would like to make about the ‘not feeling a difference’ reason for switching brands. You do have to take your vitamins regularly. They work best when you take them every day, the same as you eat food every day for nutrition. Vitamins are nutrition supplements. They are important like your food is important and only work if they are inside your body doing their job.

I use food-based, all-natural vitamin supplements because the ‘food-based’ part means that the nutrients are the closest you would find them in foods as is possible. The vitamins are made from concentrated food sources, retaining all the extra value of the food. Using whole food source vitamins is not something every brand does.

The ‘all-natural’ part is because synthetic vitamins do not work as well as natural vitamins. This was proven in the landmark study, and even scarier was that they were found to be potentially harmful to your health so that it would be better to take no vitamins than to take synthetic (chemical) ones (beware many well known popular brands are synthetic).

What are some other personal reasons I have used the same brand for over 34 years?

  • they continue to do the advanced science and research that no other company does
  • they use the finest raw materials available (lots of stories about how crazy demanding they are of ingredients)
  • they test for purity of raw materials like no other company does
  • the delivery systems that make sure nutrients get to the right part of my body at just the right time to be absorbed
  • the way they formulate ingredients to make sure the nutrition value is both high and uniform
  • did I mention I get the results I want from my supplements
  • many more reasons (that I would be happy to share)

To learn more about all-natural, food-based multivitamins from the #1 natural nutrition company in America, a brand who has more long-time loyal users than the industry average, and who take their vitamins daily, please click on the image below.

VitaLea multivitamin


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