Talk Shoe New Health Episodes Posted

There are several new Health Information sites posted over on the Alternative Health Choices podcast on My Talk Shoe Broadcast.

‘Selecting a Multi-Vitamin’ will give you great information on what the important ingredients in a multi-vitamin are and why.  You will hear about how to compare brands and the importance of taking your multi-vitamin every day.

‘Interferon’ is a very good episode to get all the science you need behind Interferon.  Hear how this natural supplement fits in with your healthy immune system.

‘Skin & Health Solutions during Menopause’ is a must-listen for all women.  There are lots of new situations women are presented with during this season of their lives and the podcast gives women the information they need to continue to feel good during this time.  Learn and benefit here women!

‘Exercising for Health’ is a talkcast for listeners of every age.  The importance
of exercise for a healthy lifestyle is discussed as well as nutrition requirements.  Exercise is a feel-good choice you can make every day and the future health benefits it provides is worth hearing about as well.

‘Digestive Health’ is a discussion of various digestive challenges that people have and some solutions that are very effective.  Our diets many times contribute to these digestive issues, but there are healthy ways to get some good results without side effects that have bothered people in the past.

These are the last five episodes posted over on Talk Shoe.  There are quite a few before these.  If you have not visited this site yet, please take a look and listen to all of the podcasts.  You can download to your computer or an ipod for offline listening.

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