Tour de ‘Toona Race Tips & Local Coverage

This week the Tour de ‘Toona, a 4-stage event that is part of the National Racing Calendar, was in town and we spent some time with a couple of the women racers as they shared tips for race day. We want to thank Jennifer and Jessica for talking with us. These races include long and challenging climbs, and require definite training, preparation and lots of energy.

It was a beautiful weekend here in Central PA although it was a hot one. Our coverage of this international race fits in well with our previous two posts about hydration and muscle recovery for athletes and everyone who would like to step up their physical activity on a consistent basis. We hope the racers enjoyed their time here as much as the local fans enjoyed watching the competition.

Tour de ‘Toona Racer Jennifer With Bicycle Race Tips:

Tour de ‘Toona Racer Jessica With Bicycle Race Tips:

Race Coverage Saturday, July 9, 2011

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