Train Your Brain

Power Thinking

You cannot afford to think a negative thought. 

Thoughts create our future

Do you have some things you want to change in your life?

Maybe there are some things that just don’t feel right anymore and are holding you back from reaching new goals, or keeping you stuck in a place you don’t want to be.

Or, maybe you feel really out of control and your life is pretty much on auto pilot – not necessarily in the direction you want to be going forever.

The more we learn about the power of our thoughts, the more it leads to the opportunity of better health, living younger longer, and really being in control of your life so that you decide how you want to live (it’s a really good way to live when you are in charge!).


We all have it. And unfortunately it can take over our lives.

It’s not just that negative thoughts produce stress, although they do.

The problem is that our bodies were built to handle short-term stress – like the flight or fight response.

Today we have chronic stress – or a lot of negative thoughts.

We think 40-60,000 thoughts per day and research says that 70% of these thoughts we think are negative. Even if research is wrong, and the numbers are much lower, it’s still too many negative thoughts.

Why is this important?

Negative thoughts produce stress hormones that can lead to an unhealthy life, including weakening your immune system.

Positive thoughts release growth hormones that help you lead a healthy life, including strengthening your immune system.

positive thoughts

There is a difference between positive thinking that we hear about a lot when we are looking for ways to improve our mindset, and power thinking.

Example: positive thinking is that everything is just rosy! Power thinking is realizing everything is not rosy.

Power thinking is looking at a situation or circumstance as neutral, understanding that there is a positive and negative side, but choosing to put a positive meaning to the situation instead of feeling negative.

Learning about Power Thinking is a whole new level of training your brain in order to be in better control of your life.

We are currently on a journey of learning more about our thoughts, our brain, our two minds – and how they can keep us healthy and happy.

We would love to share what we’ve been learning about Training the Brain with you.

Our studies have taken us from discovering new doctors, scientists and health coaches that are teaching fantastic information about our brains and techniques to practice  –  to programs that we have found helpful on our journey.

We will be posting more about our studies, our experiences, and the tools we find helpful.

living younger longer

Some resources that we have studied and that you might find helpful.

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins’ book The 5 Second Rule  is about transforming your “life, work and confidence with everyday courage”. Robbins gives you one simple tool you can use to become your greatest self.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

We discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza while studying about how powerful the brain is. Most of us probably have no idea just how much we can make changes to our brain, if that’s something we need or want to do in our lives.

He has a unique way of simplifying complex information about neuroplasticity – or the idea that your brain cells can be changed, renewed, and repaired to learn new things no matter how old you are. 

We have consumed lots of his videos and have a few of his books, and we are wanting to make the time commitment here in 2019 to enroll in his programs. Below are 2 great books we own and study.

Joe Dispenza

Dr. Bruce Lipton Books

Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains the science behind the importance of changing old habits, old beliefs and old memories in your subconscious – in order to create new positive beliefs that can positively affect your health and change your life.

Brian Biro

We were introduced to Brian Biro when we spent the entire morning in his program at The Shaklee Global Conference. It was an amazing experience. The theme of the conference was ‘Breakthrough’ and Brian spoke to that theme as well as organizing almost 4000 people to ‘break through’ wooden boards with visualization and the realization that you can do more than you ever thought possible. Brian’s book There Are No Overachievers is for you if you are looking for more energy, encouragement, motivation and inspiration.

Robert Williams

Robert Williams is the founder of Psych-K which is a technique to change a program in your subconscious in 5-10 minutes – even if the habit has been with you for fifty years!

T. Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker teaches that when you change your belief about money, you can change your personal financial situation. This is relevant to many people today, and he also has other very good positive messages.

T Harv Eker

John Assaraf

John has an interesting background because he was a successful business man, starting and running several businesses. He sold a large business and retired in 2000 and that is when he actively started studying personal development. As he states, he studied the masters very closely and practiced it in his own life. He teaches and trains based on everything he has learned along with everything that made him successful in his business life. He has some great programs and you can choose one that fits your present situation or goals.

Identify your true innermost goals and create an unshakeable road map for
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have everything you want

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win the game of life

Dr. Robert Anthony

He has a great technique to get into a theta stage in your brain in order to change old beliefs and install new beliefs into your subconscious. And he explains why that is important.

dr robert anthony bypass inner gatekeeper

Links on this page are our affiliate links for products we have discovered in our study of the brain, mind and power thinking.

Here is a complimentary presentation about Visualization – an example of using your mind, your brain, your thoughts – to help you take control of your life.

If you would like to learn about some of the resources we have used in our studies and practices, they are listed below. 

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A quote we love:

What you think, you look. What you think, you do. What you think you are.

~Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

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