Vitamin Packs: Natural Nutrition to Supplement Your Food

What is your #1 reason to take vitamins? To feel better. To target a health problem. For longevity. How about because we need the nutrients t be healthy now and for the future?

The fact is that we can’t get all of the nutrients important to our health from our foods, and that’s true even though we hear a lot of bad press about vitamins and that they don’t really make us healthy.

I have not believed that since being introduced to natural nutrition over 32 years ago. I have also learned that all vitamins are not created equal and there certainly are vitamins that don’t ‘do anything’.

Just because some vitamins ‘don’t work’ does not take away that we don’t need them or they don’t work in general. There is a big difference in brands and I feel that if you don’t feel a difference you aren’t taking the right one.  It is good that we have clinical proof  in the Landmark Study that the vitamins consumed in the study make you healthier. 

Optimal nutrition should be part of our lives every day of the year, but you have to find a brand you trust will deliver the benefits. Today we would like to present a discussion about Vitamin Packs.

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I like the word Vitamin Packs because it fits right in with our busy lifestyles. We are on the run. Our days are packed full. Easy is welcome in our lives. And a strip of 6 tablets that we can easily take every single day, that has been proven through a 20-year landmark supplement study to improve our health, is about as easy as you can get if you want high quality nutrition protection.

Before we get to details of the vitamin packs, let’s talk nutrition just a little more as we end this month long focus.

Nutrition in Our Foods

Let’s go back to a statement in the first sentence of this article: ‘we can’t get all of the nutrients important to our health from our foods.’ I mention that this is a fact because it is widely recognized now. I have heard it as far back as 30 years ago when I first started to get educated about nutrition. Today, what we learned about in natural health classes all those years ago, is catching on throughout the health industry.

Our soil is depleted so the nutrients aren’t there like they were in the past. Our food is picked early for transportation, often before all of the nutrients are peaked in our fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many situations about why we don’t get enough nutrients in individual foods, and sometimes it’s more about the fact that some foods block nutrients from being absorbed in your body and other foods deplete your body of nutrients.

On top of that good news is the fact that if we are honest, most of us don’t make the healthiest food choices every day. We know that fast food, processed food, junk food, high sugar and high fat foods, high sugar or caffeine drinks – and lots more – are not nutritious choices. But we eat them anyway.

All the more reason we need our Vitamin Packs. Our nutrition insurance that we get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that our cells need every single day. How healthy is it to figure that we can eat well sometimes and yet expect our cells to provide us with good health every day?

I was writing emails today and thought the content was worth including here on our blog as well. Good nutrition, every day of the year, is what feeds your cells and determines your (good, bad or challenging) health.

Health News

I was watching two health segments online. One was about cancer research that centers around how your immune system can help fight cancer and how this could mean a whole new way to treat cancer in the future where your body’s immune system actually heals the cancer. Guess what helps builds a healthy immune system? Good Nutrition.

The other story was about the book Rich Food Poor Food that discussed the ingredients that manufacturers are putting more and more of in our foods that our having a negative effect on our weight and hour health, and how the manufacturers are fighting over our ‘stomach share’. Meanwhile we are getting more overweight and obese as a nation.

One example is high fructose corn syrup. It is (purposely) put in a lot of our foods and when you eat it, your body doesn’t secrete something called leptin which is a hormone in your body that signals you’re full. If you don’t get the signal, you keep eating.

And of course sugar. It’s in most our foods. One problem with sugar is that sugar blocks the absorption of calcium and magnesium in your body. And then when you are low or deficient in those nutrients, you crave sugar. What an undesirable cycle. Another reason you can’t stop eating! One product they pointed out was a Weight Watchers product where the #1 ingredient is sugar – hardly a way to lose weight if you can’t stop eating.

Artificial ingredients is another area foods can be manipulated to produce undesirable effects when we are encouraged to eat until the ‘bliss point’. Scientists use artificial flavors or taste stimulators where they block the negative flavors and enhance the good flavors in our foods so that we can’t put the foods down.

Crazy to think of all the collaborating to make us eat too much!

One last thing I’ll mention from that food segment is about MSG. We look for food that doesn’t have MSG and what the authors of Rich Food Poor Food say is that the MSG is in soy sauce. So most of the time it is us putting the MSG in our food when we add soy sauce.

Here’s a short (2-minute) video about nutrition and why we need to supplement.

Vitamin Packs

Vitalizer is the most comprehensive vitamin pack, daily nutrition program that I have seen available anywhere. I say this for two reasons:

The high quality of every single ingredient, including the comprehensive testing to insure quality

The four different delivery systems that make sure each of four different tablets get to the right part of the body where the ingredients need to be released in order to be absorbed and utilized by your body

To learn more about Vitalizer, go to this page where you can watch a video that describes what it is and what it will do for you, and also to view the diagram that details the patented delivery systems.

Vitamin Packs

If you have a minute, I would love if you can write a comment here and let me know your thoughts on nutrition, including any stories you may have to share about a positive benefit you experienced.

We’ve been using it in the Shaklee brand for years. Here’s more information about natural interferon (Nutriferon):

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