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Vitamins and Supplements: Sharing Our Reasons Why

natural health

We are not nutritionists or work in the medical field at all. What we do have is over 34 years experience, as adults, using natural, food-based vitamins and supplements. One of the main reasons we have stayed faithful to daily vitamins and other supplements is the fact that, in general, people are healthy – until they are not. And we have to take control of that part of our health. Doctors treat disease. We build our own health.

Most of us start out healthy, or at least that’s the plan. Yes, babies are born sick; but if you are born healthy, lots of things can mess that up. And we can take for granted that we will stay healthy even though a lot of the decisions we make in terms of diet, lifestyle, exercise (or lack of), stress, sleep, and a host of other factors can take us off our optimal health path.

This kind of article is usually found in the ‘About’ section although periodically we like to talk about the brand we trust and why we do.

Can Vitamins and Supplements Make a Difference?

Sometimes you struggle with a problem as one of us while still pretty young – digestive issues that would not be fun to deal with forever. And being that they were not life threatening – just annoying – why take a prescription medication that was going to deliver side effects. That would not be any fun either – for the short term or the long term. Natural options looked a lot better.

Sometimes you have a family history of a certain disease or illness and you really want to work at staying healthy to fight against getting it. Most of us have some kind of illness in our family history so it makes sense to try to stay healthy. Today we are much more aware of all the supplements that promise better health.

Sometimes we turn to vitamins and supplements because we need higher energy or endurance for our busy lives or an a specific activity. Whatever the reason, vitamins and natural nutrition supplements have been proven to help us have better health. But where do you start when trying to decide what to take, what will benefit you?

Why We Believe Supplements Work

Shortly after we were married in October, 1981, we began learning about natural supplements. It was fascinating to both of us, and fortunately we found people who shared our passion of building and keeping good health the natural way. The company we were introduced to just happened to be the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America. Not too shabby! At least we felt that we could trust them.

As we learned about the history of the founder and how he was a young boy with health challenges who made it his mission to learn about how the body can heal itself, we were drawn in to see how nutrition could help some of the challenges we were experiencing.

The reason we have grown very loyal to this brand is because bottom line we get results. The problems we had got better. We gained and have since maintained more energy than we did pre-supplements. We are healthy and if we do get minor illnesses we recover quickly. We sleep well and we manage stress better. Vitamins and supplements are a win for us in so many ways.

Do you ever talk to anyone, or maybe we are talking to you, that doesn’t believe in vitamins because they never felt any difference or result when taking them. We believe this is true because of the the difference in products for sale. Vitamin and supplement brands are not created equal. There is some real junk in the market and the market itself is not regulated very well – hence the junk!

Even though we learned about the differences in types of vitamins, and understand how many are not good for your body at all, it is nice to have the proof. A 20-year (first of its kind anywhere in the world) landmark study that measured people’s blood after taking supplements found that it is actually better to take no vitamin than to take a synthetic one. That is pretty powerful to us. If we are going to pay for and consume a supplement, we want results – not problems.

One of the very first stories shared with us was the difference between natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins. And there is a third category as well that we talk about in the Shaklee family. Shaklee products are in a category of their own for good reason (see below).

1-  Synthetic

Synthetic vitamins are man made (test tubes), have inorganic substances, have no enzymes, and you can have side effects from them.

2- Natural Isolate/Organic Extract

These vitamins are usually found at health food stores and through other nutrition companies. They may have low quality raw ingredients, may be unbalanced, are heat extracted with weak enzymes. They contain filler ingredients and harsh ingredient binders, and chemicals are used in processing them. Supplements need only be 10% natural to put ‘natural’ on their label.

3- All Natural Shaklee Supplements

Containing the highest quality raw materials (this is documented and well known in the industry), are balanced, are processed with low heat and low pressure to retain strong enzymatic action. They have exceptional bio-availability at your cell level and are backed by independently proven scientific research.

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Shaklee Supplements

The company we chose to trust is The Shaklee Corporation. You don’t buy Shaklee products in stores because the business model is not set up that way. Shaklee was started by a family guy and he wanted his products to help other families, both physically (nutritionally) and financially. Dr. Shaklee also wanted his products personally explained and appreciated, not sitting on store shelves.

In short, Shaklee vitamins are backed by more science and research than any other company  producing supplements that I  know. All that science and all that research ensures us that we have the best quality ingredients going into patented formulations that get the right product to the right part of the body at just the right time to get absorbed most optimally. Unless you understand that your vitamins and supplements must be available to your body at the right time, and that actually happens, you may not be getting the results you want.

This is important because how do you really know what all the products that sit inside all the bottles on a shelf can really do for you? How can you hear about the benefits and the personal testimonials of how the ingredients actually work to make you healthier and help you feel better. With so many different kinds of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements, where do you even begin?

The way we began is by talking to other people using natural nutrition to stay healthy and reading different materials that were suggested. It’s how we still do it today! Real people using real products that are pure and natural and don’t have side effects, and who are getting real results.

Take Vitamins and Supplements Daily

The last thing we would like to share in this article since it’s getting lengthy is the importance of taking your supplements daily. They can’t work if they are not in your body doing their job. This is the one way that vitamins and supplements are similar to medications.

You need your medications to be in your system to do whatever they are prescribed to do. You also need your vitamins and supplements to be in your blood and in your cells doing the job they are designed to do. You will get the best results when you take the right vitamins and/or supplements and you take them consistently.

The goal of is to help you be healthier by learning about ways to be healthy and feel younger longer. We begin to age the moment we are born, and we have a lifetime to build great health. It’s a lot more fun to feel energized and healthy as we go about our lives than it is for the opposite feelings of sick, tired, moody, or hurting.

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