Weight Loss and New Years Resolutions

Why do you think that the majority of diets fail?  It’s probably not a coincidence that most New Years resolutions are also not kept.  Yes, many of us may have set one to lose weight, but if we’re honest we have tried to lose weight at multiple times throughout the year, and throughout the YEARS!

Maybe a more realistic reason why diets don’t work is that we set ourselves up to fail.  If you think about it, we either starve ourselves straight out, or we go on one of these diets where we eliminate entire food groups – or maybe only eat (or drink) one type of food.

That’s not the way our bodies were designed to function.  And in my humble opinion, it’s not healthy.  I have always been a big fan of balance (I don’t follow horoscopes but I was born under the Libra scales) – throughout my life:  it just feels better when things are balanced.

When it comes to our health, and our bodies, balance has been proven to work.  I know that because I have been associated with the Shaklee Corporation – the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. – for 30 years this month, and throughout that time I have heard Dr. Shaklee stories about creating balance.  The research and science that man and this company have been doing since the 1920’s is all about being in harmony with nature (balance).

So back to weight loss.  It makes sense that we need to consider nutrition when we set a goal to lose weight.  It makes sense that we need to make sure our body is going to work with our goal.  I believe if we can feel good during the weight loss program, there is a greater chance that we will stick to it.  And if you take care of your nutrient needs so that your body feels satisfied, you will feel good.

Do you know how it feels to have a sugar high and then a crash?  Not so good right?  You lose energy, feel like you are dragging. In comparison, when you keep your blood sugar levels constant, you feel energized – you feel pretty good.  Low glycemic [ph] index foods help keep your blood sugar balanced.

Don’t Lose Your Muscle When You Shed Those Pounds

Is exercise part of your diet?  Whatever your activity level, muscle can help in your weight loss and help maintain your weight goal for the rest of your life.  If you realize the importance of preserving the muscle mass that you have, it will help you make good decisions in terms of food choices while on your diet, and you will see the positive benefits.

With most diets, you lose 5 pounds of muscle for every 12 pounds of weight loss.  That’s not the kind of diet – or weight loss – that you want.  Every pound of muscle burns about 50 calories a day, so it’s important NOT to lose your muscle when you are trying to lose your fat.

The more muscle you lose, the more calories you are going to have to cut every day since you won’t have the muscle to burn up the calories.  In fact, if you do the math, you’re going to have to take in 250 (5 lbs of muscle that you lost and that won’t be burning 250 calories for you each hay) calories less everyday if you’re going to continue to lose weight at the same rate that you’ve been losing up to that point.

Losing muscle as you shed pounds is the cause of the dreaded weight loss plateau that you hear so many people talking about.  You are on your diet, lose some pounds – but you are also losing muscle – and keep doing the same thing but you aren’t losing any more weight.

Since you lost muscle, you are burning less calories.  In order to continue to lose weight, you have to cut more calories.  That’s not going to feel good because you are going to feel hungry, maybe tired or irritable – and it’s why you get discouraged and are not able to maintain your diet.

If you quit your diet, after losing muscle along with fat, and don’t get that muscle back before you start your next diet, you will be among the many people who get caught up in yo-yo dieting.  Losing fat, along with muscle, then quitting the diet because you aren’t continuing to lose weight.  Next you gain more weight and decide to go on a diet again, where you may lose some pounds but you also lose more muscle.

Enough already?  Are you ready for a healthier, more effective solution to weight loss?

Keep Your Muscle

If you understand the dreaded yoyo diet phenomena, you should also understand that preserving your muscle mass is the key to long term weight control.

So what can you do to help keep your lean muscle and lose your excess fat and pounds?   Recent ground breaking research shows that an amino acid, when added to a well-balanced protein source, can help you preserve your muscle mass while you’re losing weight and also while you are trying to maintain a healthy weight.  Leucine is a branched-chained amino acid that scientists have known for years has been beneficial for athletes who want to increase their muscle mass when they work out, and now is helping people lose weight the healthy way.

The same product that helps you build muscle mass when you’re working out, can help you lose weight (fat and inches) and help you keep burning calories.  Leucine enhanced weight loss supplements have been clinically proven to preserve your muscle mass when you try and lose weight.  So you are going to lose weight and be able to keep it off.  Isn’t that what we really want to do after all?

Here’s another benefit.  Most people work out because they want to increase their strength, improve their physique – or both.  Either way, you usually feel better, feel stronger, when you work out.  So when you add leucine to a good protein supplement, you are going to get these same benefits while you lose weight.  Instead of feeling bad when you lose weight, you can actually feel GOOD when you lose weight.


The scientifically proven, clinically proven CINCH Inch Loss program uses this very same leucine in their weight loss supplements. From the protein shakes, to the snack and meal bars, to the unique weight loss multi-vitamin that helps boost your energy while on your diet, this program is guaranteed to help you lose weight.  That’s right it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Leucine has been used for many years.  Dozens of clinical studies show that it’s both safe and effective.  It’s very exciting to be able to take a product that has been successful for athletes and be able to use it to help people lose weight at a time when overweight and obesity rates are higher than ever before.  Leucine is both safe and healthy.  And now it can help you finally take off pounds and inches in a nutritious, healthy way.

It is hard to find food that supports your diet when you are traveling, on the road for daily business trips, or even during your everyday busy schedule.  With CINCH, it’s easy.  There are multiple meal choices that you can combine with healthy food choices to make your 3 meals.  There are healthy snack options and an energy tea that will energize you and keep you away from sugary drinks that have lots of hidden calories.

CINCH meal options are fantastic meal replacements because they are well-balanced.  When your blood sugar levels are constant, you are going to have a constant level of energy all day long.  You won’t have the ups and downs of blood sugar levels that cause you to feel tired and drag through your day.  When you keep your blood sugar levels balanced, you will always have high energy.  It can even help you prevent mood swings that are often associated with dieting because when your blood sugar tanks, so does your mood.

CINCH was designed to prevent you from feeling hungry and prevent carbohydrate cravings while you lose weight.  These are what usually destroys healthy eating patterns and many diets.  Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced will help benefit you in so many ways.  Fiber is another beneficial food source for both weight loss and good health in general.  CINCH has fiber built in to the healthy shakes and you won’t taste a bit of it!

To learn more about the healthy CINCH Inch Loss program, and the new Transformation Pack where you can use the program for three months and get the 4th month free, visit CINCH Inch Loss.

Note:  Until the end of March, 2012, if you become a Shaklee member and order $70 worth of products (choose products to help in your weight loss/weight management goals or choose products that you buy for your family regularly anyway – switch to the Shaklee Brand!) you get FREE Cinch products valued at $85 Member Price – Cinch Shakes, Energizing Tea (helps cut cravings and gives you energy), Snack Bars, Meal Bars and Cinch Boost vitamins with leucine to help you lose weight and still get all the nutrients your metabolism needs to help you burn more calories.  All the details are on our website:  CINCH FREE OFFER.

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