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Do you know the connection between athletes and losing weight?  The scientists at Shaklee do!  For years they worked with professional and Olympic athletes from different sports.  What they discovered is a breakthrough in weight loss, including losing fat and inches and keeping lean muscle that continues to burn fat.

The source of the discovery is the amino acid leucine.  Since it cannot be made by the body, athletes consume leucine in the form of protein shakes and other supplements that have leucine.

Leucine helps with muscle recovery by preventing muscle proteins from breaking down from either trauma, the impact of hard exercise and also severe stress.  Serious athletes benefit from leucine because the stress they place on their body day after day.

So leucine helps repair muscles, but it has other roles as well.  Leucine helps regulate blood sugar and gives your body energy.  Scientists found that all of these factors about leucine can help you lose weight in addition to taking care of your muscle.

You know that muscle burns fat.  You want to keep your muscle when you are on a diet or trying to lose weight.  You want to lose the fat and the inches, but not your muscle.

The fat that is located in the deepest layers of your body is called visceral fat.  Leucine also can help you burn this visceral fat.  This is some powerful help for keeping your lean muscle and getting rid of your fat.

Weight loss programs are targeted to losing fat.  The problem with many of these diets is that you also lose your muscle.  And your blood sugar may not be balanced well enough to keep you feeling energized when you lose weight.

People on diets complain about being tired, loss of energy, and being hungry all of the time.  It’s not good to deprive your body of the energy you get from the right foods or deprive yourself from eating enough foods because you will feel lousy.

Athletes like using leucine because it helps them repair their muscles, it prevents their muscles from being robbed of energy during their intense work schedules, and they feel better and stronger when their muscles are lean and strong.

The scientists at Shaklee made this connection between athletes and weight management, and now it can benefit all of us who want to get to a healthy weight in a healthier way.

Do you feel that you eat right and you exercise consistently, but you still can’t lose the fat that is deep in your body?  Maybe you can’t get to the weight or shape that you want.  It may be time to evaluate how leucine can help you.

People using the Shaklee 180 weight loss/weight management plan that features leucine as its primary difference in weight loss find that they keep more of their muscle that burns extra fat, lose the weight and the inches they want to lose and feel energized on the program.

If you have struggled with weight loss programs that included protein shakes, don’t let that discourage you from trying Shaklee 180.  180 consists of protein shakes with leucine, snack bars and meal bars with leucine, a vitamin supplement with leucine, and healthy tea that you can drink warm or cold in between meals (helps satisfy your appetite and cut cravings as well!).

The difference in the Shaklee 180 Smoothees is both the taste and the support you get.  All four flavors taste great and provide variety when mixed alone with your choice of milk or water, or by adding ingredients from recipes you create or that are provided as part of your support program.

Some people choose to be independent with their weight loss.  Others like a support system where they can ask questions, get encouragement, and even provide encouragement to others.  The choice is yours.  Shaklee scientists created the program and you decide if you want to use leucine to get to a healthy weight and stay there while feeling energized every day!

To learn more about Leucine powered Shaklee 180 and how leucine is an integral component, visit:  Shaklee 180 or Top Weight Loss Program. Information sheets about the program and products can be downloaded on those pages.


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