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7 thoughts on “What are Health Benefits of Resveratrol?”

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  2. Fountain of youth works for me!

    So what is the difference in how much reservatrol mg you get from a glass of red wine as compared to the tonic you can buy?

  3. I find it amazing that medical and technological breakthroughs during the 20th Century helped extend the longevity of life to the point where many of the problems of getting older became commonplace. Now it’s Mother Nature’s turn to provide the answer to help make extended life more youthful, productive and happy.

    And to answer Rita’s question … it would take many bottles of wine to deliver the same amount of resveratrol if I am not mistaken.

  4. Resveratrol certainly sounds very exciting with regards to aging. I would love to combat aging, but I don’t think drinking many bottles of wine! I’m hoping Resveratrol is not too expensive.

  5. Rita-

    Thanks so much for your comment and question!

    It takes 100 glasses of wine to get the same resveratrol that is in 1 serving of Vivix. A month’s worth of daily doses is 3000 glasses of red wine (much easier to take a teaspoon of Vivix!!). If you watch the resveratrol video that is here on the website (look at the top of the left column to watch), it states how you need significant amounts to impact aging. When I was researching other brands of resveratrol, I was amazed at how little resveratrol is included. Vivix also has polyphenols from the super (muscadine) grape to further impact aging.


  6. A longevity gene that can be turned on and off by how many calories or wine we consume – Am I the only one that thinks that sounds a little funny. I’m not challenging the truth in it, it just sounds a little odd.
    If reducing calorie intake by 30-35% will actually make one healthier, this brings up a different question .. do we really need a 2000 calorie diet like they say if in fact we’ll be healthier with less calories?

  7. Hmm, so the very act that compels us to satiate hunger pangs, dramatic calorie reduction, flips the anti-aging switch. How Ironic.

    Also ironic the behavior of some nutritional companies that market products that, by design, contain either additional chemicals or nominal amounts of this anti-aging trigger so that their customers are definitively malnourished by the very product those companies sell those unsuspecting clients.

    Isn’t it sad that some companies have so little faith in their marketing model that they would stoop to such low-minded practices? Thanks for putting out the truth.

    I appreciate you,

    Bill Tessore

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