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What Vitamins Should I Take: A Beginners Guide

The vitamins that you take should be personalized to your specific health and wellness goals because your body is unique to any other. We believe that you start with a comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral supplement that provides a broad spectrum of the nutrients that your body needs every single day to stay healthy. After that you supplement according to what extra nutrients your body needs at that time.

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Learning what vitamins and other supplements can help make you healthier is valuable to you both now and for your long term good health. Nutrition can help your body heal what’s happening right now such as extra stress or joint pain or digestive issues; and nutrition helps you build better health for your future so that you can prevent illness and disease.

We researched this question 37 years ago because we had just got married and wanted to be on a healthy path before we started a family. Healthy parents make healthy babies and it feels a whole lot better feeling strong and healthy raising a family. The demands of life today may be even more intense than they were back then, and we have been living proof that taking supplements daily has kept us healthy.

This post is about our story and what has worked for us all of these years. It’s like a conversation we might have with you about your interest in taking nutrition supplements, rather than an official health or medical article. And we share this information with a whole lot of real experience and a whole lot of real results that have been a great benefit to us, and that we hope will help you decide what supplements would be beneficial to you.

Your Body is the Only Place You Have To Live.

~Jim Rohn

We love this quote because it’s so true. And if you know you aren’t giving your body what it needs to be healthy, now is the time to start taking better care of YOU!

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How do we measure better health with vitamins?

By how we FEEL:

  • From the healthy results we have enjoyed by taking vitamins daily for 37 years
  • Realizing that nutrition is the primary indicator of health and increasing nutrition with supplements = better health
  • We are not only healthy and strong, we still have lots of energy to keep up with busy lives (including active grandchildren!)
  • We don’t get sick much at all, and if we do, we fight it off fast – it’s less intense and the duration shorter
  • Measurable Proof: as we get older, our blood work remains good (doctors say the norm is for levels to rise with age)


To truly figure out what vitamins you should take, you should think about your daily diet. Do you eat from all the food groups? Is there one food group that you know you’re lacking nutrients?

What we learned all those years ago was that even if we are eating what we would consider ‘right’ – we probably still were not getting optimal nutrients from the food. The reasons back then are just as strong today (maybe more so), and include how the food was grown or harvested, the quality of the soil, and what was added to the food such as antibiotics, pesticides, other chemicals or growth hormones.

All of these considerations mostly result in less nutrients in our fruits and vegetables, and more concerns about meat, poultry, fish and even grains. So it’s not only about considering if you are eating ‘right’ – because even if you eat ‘nearly perfect’ it is still very, very hard to get all the nutrition you need from your food alone.

Being honest with ourselves back in 1982, we knew that we didn’t eat perfect, and we still don’t eat perfect. And that’s why we chose to have daily supplements help us stay healthy – to be the daily insurance our body needs to fill the gaps and help get the best nutrition into our cells.

Our goal was to live younger longer – live healthy longer – and it is serving us well. Read on and see how it can help you too!

What are the best vitamins to take daily

Hands down our answer is to being with a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. After that it is an individual plan of what, if any, supplements you might want to add to your daily vitamin. Why a multi-vitamin?

  • It provides a broad spectrum of nutrients – all of which you need daily
  • Increases of blood levels of vitamins and minerals (that feed your cells)
  • Reduces risk of birth defects, heart disease and colon cancer
  • Gives you more energy to do all the things you need to do
  • Increases bone health and bone density to help feel strong
  • Improves joint health to help you move better
  • Promotes heart health to help you live longer
  • Helps you have healthier skin and nails

First we have to say that all the benefits listed above are for the brand we use. These are verified by the brand, actually proven by the brand, and they stand behind that proof 100%.

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In fact there is a 20 year Landmark Study, as well as a 10 year followup study, that is something no other brand in the world has. Vitamins are not created equal. In the Landmark Study, that was conducted at the University of California at Berkeley, it was found that taking synthetic vitamins is actually worse for your health than taking no vitamins at all.

Food based, all natural vitamins fared the best in the Landmark Study, and that’s because food-based vitamins and supplements are made as close to the way you would find these nutrients in nature, in food, as possible. This is how your body was meant to consume nutrition.

The reason why we are supplementing is because all the nutrition we need is not in our foods, but we still want the nutrition in the supplements to be similar to food, so that it can be absorbed and used in our body – as healthy nutrition for our cells.

Tips for Success in taking daily vitamins

  • You have to commit to taking your vitamins daily – the same as you have to eat food every day. It’s the only way you will get results. It’s how you really can be healthier.
  • Take each supplement around the same time every day – it will help you remember to take them. Also, individual nutrients are absorbed and utilized in your body differently and so it can help with blood level of nutrients to take on a schedule that you set.
  • Choose a brand that guarantees your results – 100%. We don’t know about you, but when we invest in a nutrition supplement, we want it to work in our body and deliver us better health.
  • If you are a skeptic about taking vitamins, or you haven’t had the results you wanted in the past, you need to have a new mindset once you choose a brand that’s going to be a better experience. You need to believe in what you’re doing because your thoughts – your mind – your brain- play a role in your life and your health as well.

Common Questions About What Vitamins to Take

  • Is there a difference between natural and synthetic vitamins?
    • There is a difference because natural is closer to the way you find the nutrients in nature, in food; and synthetic means the supplement was made in a laboratory and is more chemical based than natural. Also, the Landmark Study proved that the answer to this question in terms of health results is YES! The study measured all kinds of blood markers and for some, it was actually worse to take a synthetic daily vitamin than taking no supplement at all. And the most healthy blood results were from taking supplement from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U. S.
  • Is there a difference in the quality of vitamins from brand to brand?
    • The short answer is YES! There is a difference in quality of nutrients, in safety of ingredients, in formulation of ingredients, in how the nutrients are absorbed and used in your body (different nutrients need to break down in different parts of the body to be fully absorbed and able to reach your cells) – and not all supplement brands have the same standards for quality, safety, or efficacy. This could be a major reason why you have not been able to ‘feel‘ the healthy results of taking a supplement.
  • What other vitamins should you take every day?
    • This is a very individual question. You may have more stress in your life at a certain time and benefit from some extra B vitamins or an herbal stress relief supplement. You may have a reason to need to boost your immune system and a supplement like Vitamin C or a probiotic can really help. Maybe you are having joint pain and want a natural supplement to help with that because a medication is too hard on your stomach. Another example of a supplement that you can take in addition to a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral is fish oil since omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to heart health or inflammation issues.
  • Do multi-vitamins tablets have side effects?
    • We were always taught that if there would be a side effect taking a natural vitamin it is probably because it was taken in excess and it was adverse to an individual. Every person is unique and we never advocate a high dose of vitamin. What we have personally found is that there are side benefits when taking natural, food-based vitamins and supplements in the suggested amounts, and specifically from the brand we have used for 37 years.
  • What vitamins should you avoid taking?
    • The vitamins you should avoid taking are 1) the extra vitamins outside of a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral that you don’t need to take, in terms of getting a health benefit that you don’t need. For example, if you get all the calcium you need from your food, you may not need any more than the small amount that is found in a daily multi. And 2) the supplements that would be adverse to your body. For example, if you know you have high levels of Vitamin D in your body you don’t want to take a stand alone Vitamin D supplement. This can be confusing because you may hear that something like 80% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D and can benefit from taking a supplement – but that would not be you. Supplementing is an individual matter.
  • What vitamins should children take daily?
    • We raised 4 very healthy children and now have 5 very healthy grandchildren. They all took a multi-vitamin and so our answer is the same for children as with adults. Start with a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral for the most important answer of any – they work! The same benefits are important for children: energy for their busy days, bone health and strength, increases blood levels of nutrients, healthy joints, healthy skin, healthy hair, and provides that broad spectrum nutrient insurance to fill the gap between the nutrition they need and what they get from their food every day. In addition, if your child shows a need for more calcium, or omega-3’s, extra Vitamin C to help with seasonal challenges like allergies or winter illnesses, or a probiotic for digestive or immune concerns – you might consider and additional supplement.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about What Vitamins to Take

We started our nutrition supplement program with a high quality, very effective multi-vitamin-multi/mineral and we truly believe that is still the best way to get started supplementing your diet.

If you want real and measurable results, you have to take a supplement that will guarantee you those results. Vitamins and minerals and all supplements are not created equal. They vary greatly from brand to brand, so it is essential to know and trust the brand you take.

Natural vitamins are proven better than synthetic vitamins, and if you’re going to take a supplement you want to have it help make you healthier, not take a chance that it will do the opposite.

You may want to add an additional supplement(s) right along with your multi-vitamin, depending on your unique needs. There are more comprehensive ways to get started with the brand we use, and that includes two choices of a daily multi-supplement nutrition strip. It includes the multi-vitamin/multi-mineral, along with extra supplements such as omega-3’s, extra vitamin C, extra B vitamins, extra Vitamin E, a probiotic, and even resveratrol in the most comprehensive nutrition strip.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs because we do have lots of experience in using different supplements, and we like helping people get healthier or stay healthy.

Multi-vitamin/Multi-mineral supplements help you build a healthier life.

We believe this and feel like we are living proof!

You can learn more about one of the very best multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplements from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States, as well as two additional daily nutrition strips that are more comprehensive than a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral alone, by visiting: Why Do I Need a Multi-Vitamin.

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