Who Should Take Fish Oil (Everyone Should!)


Omega 3 fatty acids are in the news, on tv and in online discussions a lot – including fish oil as a way to get your omega-3’s – so you may be wondering who should take fish oil.  You hear about research every week telling you about new health benefits associated with omega 3’s.  For many people it is frustrating because they continue to hear such good things about fish oil and yet they don’t think they can take it.  Maybe it makes you burp a fishy taste.  Maybe you are allergic.  Maybe your stomach gets upset when you take fish oil.

The good news is that you have solutions.  The way you digest a fish oil supplement has a lot to do with the way the tablet is formulated, the source and quality of the ingredients, and the delivery system used in your body to digest it.  These all play an important role in the way your body reacts to the fish oil supplement and the reason why we choose Shaklee Omega Guard Fish Oil.  Read on to hear more about the who should take fish oil and why – and finally about the Shaklee brand difference.

We know that it is good for your heart to eat fish that is rich in omega-3’s several times each week.   Fish is also a good source of protein but doesn’t have the high saturated fat content that fatty meat products do.  And fatty fish like mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore, tuna and salmon are high in two kinds of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

The National Institute of Health reports very specific evidence from multiple studies . And that evidence supports consumption of recommended amounts of key omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA in the form of dietary fish or fish oil supplements. They help maintain healthy levels of triglycerides and help support a normal heart beat.  There is also research showing that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

The problem is that most of us don’t eat fish every week, especially not several times a week.  Either we don’t like the taste, we have allergy issues, or we simply can’t incorporate it into our meals on a regular basis.

Since eating fish, or getting these omega-3 fatty acids through a fish oi supplement, is one of the easiest things you can do to keep a healthy heart, you may be looking for a healthy and convenient way to get it.  If you don’t eat fish regularly you are one of the people who should take fish oil

Why Take Fish Oil

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that support your cardio health and science is finding quite a few more healthy benefits as well.  Omega-3 fatty acids also contribute to brain health, and there’s research showing that fish oil can enhance joint function and mobility.  That’s good news for people with arthritis, inflammation and other issues that affect joint function.

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthy eyes and help you maintain beautiful skin, hair and healthy nails – quite a list and makes you wonder why you haven’t been taking fish oil for years already!

How Much Fish Oil To Take

For people wondering who should take fish oil, it absolutely makes sense to get the recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids everyday.  The heart health benefits alone are so great that the American Heart Association recommends eating two serving of fish rich in omega-3s every week for those without cardiovascular disease.  People with heart issues may want to have more.

Getting enough omega-3’s from fish is a problem for a lot of people in this country because many of us don’t even consume two servings of fish in an entire month, and we need to be doing at least that much every week.  Another issue is the growing concern about unsafe levels of contaminants like mercury and lead in fish.

Last, you should look at your dietary intake of Omega-6 fatty acids. For many people, they get a lot more Omega-6 then Omega-3 and that can contribute to an inflammatory situation. Inflammation translates to pain so maybe you feel it in your joints or somewhere in your body.

What Kind of Fish Oil To Take

For many of us, it is very convenient and beneficial to take fish oil supplements but not just any fish oil supplement.  The two features that are most important are purity and potency.  And when it comes to both, you need to do your homework and find a brand that will deliver these essentials.  Look for an ultra pure pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement.

Let’s talk about purity first.  You want the source of your fish oil supplement to naturally contain low levels of environmental toxins, but that’s only the start when it comes to purity.  A brand that offers a triple molecular distillation process gives you the best, highest quality fish oil because the certified pharmaceutical grade fish oil is placed in a vacuum and boiled at a lower temperature than is found in other processes, distilled or allowed to vaporize, and impurities such as lead, mercury, or PCBs are removed.

This type of process results in less oxidation and fewer trans fats, which means a pure, healthier fish oil.  When the time the fish oil is heated is reduced to less than half of the industry’s standard, the potential for thermal degradation is also reduced.  And less oxidated breakdown means low odors and after taste.  That part might sound a little Greek to most of us, but just understand it makes a difference in getting a pure product and not having that fishy taste we don’t like – and also one of the reasons why you may be able to take Omega Guard even if you though you had an allergy to fish oil (also look at the ‘delivery system’ difference below).

In regard to potency, there are definite variances in products from brands on the market.  You want to look for a full spectrum of seven super concentrated omega-3 fatty acids but higher levels of the two most beneficial forms, DHA and EPA.  When you get rid of the impurities and contaminants you have more active ingredients to give you the healthy benefits you want to feel in your body.

Oil Fish Benefits

Heart health.  Brain and eye health.  Better joint function and mobility.  Beautiful skin, hair and healthy nails.  If you are serious about getting healthy beneifts like these, and you don’t always eat the recommended two servings of fish a week, you are someone who should take fish oil.

In addition to the purity and potency considerations discussed above, it is also essential to think about the delivery system used in your fish oil supplement.  How is your body going to digest and use the fish oil?  If it doesn’t get digested in the right part of the body, is it going to provide optimal benefits to you?  If it doesn’t get digested in the right part of the body, is it going to give you that fishy after-taste or give you allergic symptoms?

Shaklee OmegaGuard is a high quality, pure and safe fish oil supplement on its own, with a unique delivery system that releases the fish oil in the upper intestines to reduce fishy aftertaste that is associated with some fish oil supplements.

The same omega-3 fatty acids are also found inside Shaklee’s comprehensive daily nutrition program, VITALIZER, that is a strip of tablets that include your daily multivitamin, a probiotic, and extra antioxidants that are so beneficial to our overall health. It is Shaklee’s signature nutrition program with 4 different delivery systems so that each tablet gets to the right part of the body to be used for your better health – it is clinically proven and guaranteed!

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