Will Steger, National Geographic and This Great Company

Did you know 39% of all Business Leaders from this company  have been or are currently teachers?

Why is that important? Because this company, National Geographic, and renowned explorer Will Steger have joined forces for the 4th time … and this company has made it easy for you to approach teachers with a unique educational initiative. When you contact teachers and share this initiative, you’ll create an automatic connection. You will be in their world and speaking their language … the language of education.

Starting in mid-February – Steger’s team will join with Inuit hunters on a 1,200-mile, four-month-long dogsled trek across the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island. The goal is to measure the impact of climate change on the 5,000-year-old Inuit civilization.

Using the latest technology, the team will post video, images, sounds and text to the www.globalwarming101.com website. Thousands of teachers and students around the world will be tracking this expedition with daily live reports in the comfort of their classroom.

Our sponsorship of Will Steger on this mission makes it easy for you to approach every teacher and educator in our area with pride. You’ll be approaching them with a free gift they will really appreciate … a beautiful wall-sized Map of Baffin Island which they will use daily to track the team’s progress. The company name and logo has been printed on every map.

In addition to the Map … we have created a complete “How To” guide that includes PDF documents for you   to print and share with every teacher you contact. Downloadable, Certified Lesson Plans, developed by the Will’s team and National Geographic, are also available free of charge for use in classroom discussion.

As thousands of teachers take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to educate … they will learn about this company’s heritage of environmental leadership. The more teachers you contact with this information, the greater your chances of having an educator join you in your business.

You can find more about it  HERE* or contact me from this website.   

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