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There are so many reasons why it’s important today to know how to improve your immune system. With all the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that challenge your immune system, there are a lot of threats.

It must be your personal goal to target better health because you are ultimately the one responsible to try to stay personally healthy. You can improve your health so that genetic factors don’t have to be your reality. You can improve your lifestyle so that the choices you make reduce the risks of getting sick.

Why would you want to improve your immune system without stimulating it? This would be the case when you are on certain medications such as chemotherapy for cancer. You don’t want to stimulate your immune system at that time because you don’t want it to negate the effect of the medication that is trying to treat the cancer.

Think about the immune system. It protects your body when bacteria, viruses and other parasites invade. Your body goes through a series of responses when it is attacked. This is called your immune response.


When researching how to improve my immune response, I remember learning about a protein in the body called interferon.

Natural Interferon

This protein interferon is made in your body. There area actually 3 kinds of interferon that your body makes:  alpha, beta and gamma interferon. Each is produced from a different type of white cell and each has been found to be effective against different threats to your health.

When you think about interferon you probably think of medications made to treat illnesses like hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis or a blood disorder. These are prescription medications that are used to directly treat those types of illnesses. What I learned about in regard to strengthening your immune system is increasing your body’s own natural interferon.

Your body’s natural interferon has two important functions:

  • Signal surrounding cells to trigger their response mechanisms
  • Activate immune cells to respond

Interferon is essential to the immune system and helps protect us from the daily exposure to millions of potential invaders that we confront each day.


What if your body does not have enough natural interferon? What if your immune system is not working up to par?

What was so cool for me to learn is that there is a very unique supplement, made from 4 natural, interferon-boosting plant extracts – pumpkinseed extract, safflower flower extract, Asian Plantain seed extract, and Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract. It is not an immune system stimulant – it can’t overstimulate your immune system. It is an immune system modulator – keeping your body’s natural immune response process topped off by increasing your own natural interferon.

When your immune system response is strong, your body is better prepared to handle the potential of millions of invaders that attack  daily; and it is ready to act on that invasian by letting healthy cells in your immune system take over. Think of it as building a shield for your immune system, that is on ready alert to respond to any type of threat.

Who can benefit from a natural interferon boosting supplement?

  • Anyone over the age of 12 that has a busy lifestyle and/or has any kind of stress in their life.
  • Anyone who would like to balance their immune system response, especially to environmental irritants and airborne pollutants.

There is only one company that makes this natural food supplement that will help improve your immune system without overstimulating it. The formula is patented, safe and performs under a 100% money back guaranteed. The only question is, how much help do you need to improve your immune system?

NutriFeron from Shaklee is the only dietary supplement in the U.S., created by the discoverer of interferon, that will naturally increase the immune system by increasing production of interferon in your body. There are no side effects like those associated with interferon medications. Nutriferon works at the cellular level – helping your cells be healthier so they can better resist all kinds of illnesses.



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