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beach is rejuvenating

Do you get excited shopping for the beach? Personally, I would take an extra day on the beach over a shopping day, but there are always some necessities or just some fun purchases to make to get ready. Tie that together with Amazon Prime Day in two days and I know I feel so much better getting great deals!

I am going to the beach in 16 days (who’s counting?!!) – so perfect timing for Amazon Prime shopping. Rejuvenating at the beach at least once per year is one of my favorite things to do for my longevity. I ALWAYS feel good at the beach and appreciate every minute I am near the water because it is my absolute most enjoyable way to relax. I also LOVE to walk on the beach and could walk for hours.

This year it’s a family vacation and we are taking 3 baby girls (grandchildren) for their very first visit to the ocean. The twins are 16 months and the little one will be 11 months before we leave. I have great expectations that they will love it as much as their grammy (sure hope I am not disappointed). We will play in the sand and step into the water. They will feel the water wash the sand away under their tiny feet and hopefully they won’t eat too much sand. They all like swimming time so far this summer, and we shall see how they like the waves of the ocean.

In preparation for the beach, I am looking at beach blankets and baby sand toys. But I also ordered a new swim cover up and pairs of shorts for both pappy and myself. As I write this article, Amazon Prime Day is in two days. I will be looking for deals there as well. And even though I am in ‘grandma’ mode this year, it’s still fun to embrace the whole beach prep scene.

Beach Shopping for Women

For healthy reasons we need to pay attention to sun exposure (use that sunscreen), and what better way to do that than to wear some new fashions that make you feel good.  Beachwear is FUN!

1. Coverups
Some women prefer baring it all and others won’t go without a supply of coverups. The good news is that there are choices from sheer to full coverage and everything in between.

2. Hat
My daughter ordered two new hats for the beach. They are bright colored baseball style caps and very cute. We are defintiely more aware of skin cancer today, but its also very fun to wear a great hat in addition to being protective.

3. Beach bags
Awe the accessories:  the bag. Do you prefer a bright color or black? And what about plain or pattern this year?

4. Shoes
Flip flops, strappy sandals, wedges, flats, heels, bold colors, basic colors. You name it and you’ll see it. Shoes are great personal statements and most women like a nice supply of shoes to match with their outfit or mood for the day.

5. Sun Dress
The sundress is classic. Personally the only dress I wear at the beach is a swim suit cover up. In the evenings or if I’m not on the beach during the day (rare), I prefer casual shorts. This is my down time and although I used to like dressing up and going out at the beach, lately it’s more about comfort and to me that’s not a dress. I do enjoy seeing all the different styles during my people watching on the boardwalk or out for dinner.

I enjoy Amazon Prime all year long because I shop for great deals, delivery is so fast, and it’s free. Our family orders everything from diapers and wipes for the babies to clothes, equipment, toys, photo albums, books, decorations, gifts, and so much more.

To check out the best deals on any items you may be searching, check Amazon Prime Day now.  And if you’re going to the beach this summer, I hope that you enjoy every moment the same as I do.


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