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Got a “foggy brain”? Tired of putting up with brain fog symptoms that have you dragging through your day, having a hard time concentrating, studying, focusing, staying awake at work or in boring meetings, or even forgetting much of what you’re doing? Maybe you run out of energy at the end of your work day and rarely get to that workout you had planned to do.


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brain fog symptoms

Don’t worry if you think you’re too young to be having problems clearing your head or getting your brain to work the way you need it to work. Did you know that your neural connections start declining as early as your 20′s, and by age 45 the decline can move fast.

Why do we struggle with our memory or brain function? Our brain cells can be challenged the same as all the cells in our body, from things like blood supply or blood nutrient levels being inadequate and causing damage. It’s not so much the neurons in your brain that cause trouble, but the connections between the neurons that fail us.

Brain Fog Symptoms

Here are some Brain Fog Symptoms you may want to get rid of fast:

  • Find it Hard to Focus at School or at Work
  • Forgetfulness
  • Mental Confusion
  • Hard Time Waking Up in the Morning
  • Jump From One Thing To Another
  • Trouble Thinking of Words
  • Struggle to Remember Names
  • Can’t Organize Thoughts Effectively
  • Unrestful Sleep
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Can’t Recall Things You Used to Know
  • Not Able to Pay Attention to People or Things
  • Mind Not Staying Sharp
  • Mind Wanders
  • Re-read things to Comprehend
  • Difficulty Memorizing Things
  • Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Depression
  • … and your personal brain fog symptoms


Improve Brain Fog Symptoms The Healthy Way

Here are 3 ways that you can improve the function and of your brain and your memory:

1- Physical Exercise

If you exercise on a regular basis, walking or another for moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 3-4 times a week (be sure to check with you doctor first if you have physical limitations), you will improve circulation in your body, including your brain. When you increase your blood circulation, more nutrients and oxygen-rich blood will go to your brain.

2- Brain Exercise

You need to exercise your mind the same as you do the rest of your body. Did you ever hear the following phrase in reference to your brain, ‘use it or lose it’? When you stimulate your brain on a regular basis, the neural connections in your brain are increased and strengthened. Brain exercises include: crossword puzzles, completing challenging tasks, trying brain games, new games, new activities, change up behaviors (such as brushing your teeth with the opposite hand you normally use), and social engagement.

3- Natural Nutrition Supplement for the Brain

-backed by many years of research and science that support its effectiveness

The benefits of an exclusive new mind and brain supplement, MindWorks from The Shaklee Corporation, include: 3x better memory and focus, 30% less brain shrinkage, improve mental sharpness, improve concentration, improve reaction time, increase circulation, more productive, and protects against age related decline.

Important considerations:

  1. MindWorks helps 73% of people who try it, and it contains less caffeine than a medium cup of DECAF coffee.
  2. You can try MindWorks risk free since there is a 100% money back guarantee.
  3. When you order MindWorks we will send you more information about how the supplement works safely and effectively to improve your memory and focus, improve your mental sharpness, improve your concentration, improve your reaction time, increase your circulation, help you become more productive, and protect you against age related decline.

To learn more about purchasing MindWorks, please visit:  Clear Your Brain.  Free sample of MindWorks (helps with memory, focus, and brain overload): just put in the referral code:  JA71616 at http://startsampling.com/mindworks.


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