Magnesium Citrate

by Vicki Zerbee

What’s better than magnesium citrate alone? How about 3 forms of magnesium plus some other nutrients that make your magnesium work even better than if it was a single ingredient.

Magnesium citrate + magnesium oxide + magnesium gluconate, along with potassium and boron = a very unique timed release magnesium supplement that is gluten free as well.

magnesium deficiency

Eight out of ten Americans get less than the recommended intake of magnesium in their diets.

Your doctor may be telling you to look for a magnesium supplement. That’s because pain is one of the number one reasons you go to the doctor. And for many people that pain is coming from nerves and/or muscles AND they are also low or deficient in magnesium.

If you are under physical or mental stress they can lower your body’s magnesium stores, and increase the impact of stress on your body.

We had an article on the site last month about Magnesium Deficiency. Because there are so many people low in magnesium who are searching for help in finding a quality supplement, we are talking today specifically about the brand we use:  Shaklee’s VitalMag.

We have used Shaklee supplements for over 34 years. The reason we have never changed is that we have never found better nutrition products, a brand that 100% guarantees their products will work, or a company that does more research and science than every other supplement company, to make sure they have the safest, best quality and most effective supplement to offer loyal users like us.

Are you low or deficient in magnesium?

Even if you are eating healthy most of the time, there can be reasons why you might need to supplement magnesium. Things like processing food and softening water strip magnesium out of many food sources. Being low in magnesium is further compounded because it’s not a nutrient that most people target in their diets.

The truth is that magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body, according to the National Institutes of Health. Magnesium is important to your heart health (helps keep a steady heart rhythm and normal blood pressure), for maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, to your immune system, and for keeping your bones strong. If you are a woman you will be interested to know that magnesium can also help your PMS symptoms (water retention, breast tenderness, and bloating).

Some differences with Shaklee VitalMag:

  • The Delivery system – the gel diffusion delivery system releases the nutrients into your body gently, over 4-6 hours so that it is easier on your digestive system. This unique system helps prevent stomach (gastro) upset that you may experience with other brands of magnesium supplements.
  • The Formula – Shaklee makes all of their supplements as blends of ingredients because nutrients can work even better in combination with other nutrients than they do alone. Shaklee does the research and finds the quality ingredients to make these unique formulations.

Magnesium Benefits:

•    Bone Health
•    Heart Health
•    Blood Sugar Regulation
•    Stress and Mood Management
•    Joint Health
•    PMS Symptoms and other women’s health challenges
•    Can enhance the impact of stress on the body).
•    Those who smoke or who consume high quantities of alcohol
•    People who regularly eat processed and refined foods
•    Those with diets low in green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains
•    Those who find other magnesium supplements upset their digestive system


low in magnesium

 Eight out of ten Americans don’t get the recommended amounts of magnesium their bodies need.


Do You Have Muscle or Nerve Pain?

VitalMag is made with 3 different sources of magnesium, with potassium to help you have better nerve transmission, muscle contraction and heart function. It contains boron to help your bone metabolism and to help your body with using the magnesium effectively.

How do You Take Shaklee’s Magnesium Product, VitalMag?

Shaklee recommends taking the daily serving of VitalMag which is a 200 mg tablet.

You should not have to worry about gastrointestinal upset because VitalMag was specifically designed to prevent it by making it release in your body over time. People who have trouble taking magnesium are usually bothered by the immediate release of magnesium in their system.

If you do need more than one tablet because your doctor recommends more or you think that you need more than 200 mg daily, it is best to spread your servings throughout the day.

For the 80% of Us Who Don’t Get Enough Magnesium:  Shaklee VitalMag

We recommend ordering at least a 3-month supply (only pay shipping every quarter) and if you already take a calcium supplement check out Shaklee’s calcium while you are on the website. Calcium can be a tough supplement to absorb and Shaklee guarantees it’s unique calcium tablet, Osteomatrix.

magnesium supplementClick the bottle to learn more about magnesium citrate and supporting nutrients in VitalMag.

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