Health Risks with Metabolic Syndrome

Let’s take a look at specific factors of metabolic syndrome and what they do to your body.  High blood pressure, elevated lipids, especially high LDL (bad cholesterol that you want to be a low number) and low HDL (good cholesterol that you want to be a high number), insulin resistance, elevated triglycerides and hypertension are all health concerns that can cause metabolic syndrome.

If you have three or more of the above factors you have metabolic syndrome.

Your arteries become stiffer (less flexible) over time with high blood pressure and this continues to put your blood flow under more pressure.

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Lose the Fat and Keep the Muscle

November 12, 2008

In a perfect world, all people would maintain a healthy weight. This is not a perfect world and the reality is that overweight, obesity and diabetes are all on the rise. Why? For many, it is because they have more fat than muscle, and fat doesn’t burn calories nearly as efficiently as muscle. What if […]

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