Pure Water vs. Bottled Water

A couple of posts ago there was a Fox News Clip where Get Clean-er products were featured, and Sloan talked about some other ‘green’ issues. One of those was bottled water, and how environmentally ‘unfriendly’ bottled water is.

Today I watched this news video about BOTTLED WATER and it reinforced what Sloan was talking about. This is worth a look folks.

Now I do agree that at times bottled water is more desirable like when it is chosen over a sugar filled soda drink or other unhealthier alternative. This is when you are not at a location where you can drink good quality filtered tap water.

The clip showed how one popular restaurant decided not to serve bottled water – in an effort to do their part to help the environment. This is a great example of how bottled water could be eliminated in a large sector. If all restaurants decided to serve quality filtered tap water instead of unnecessary bottled water in those locations, what a savings that would be for the environment!

My family has used the REVERSE OSMOSIS system from the Shakl** brand for quite a few years now. People do comment on the taste of the water we drink at home and how much better it is than the water at their house. That makes us feel good that we have made this great alternative health choice! Of course we have become so used to our water tasting good that we don’t notice it so much anymore.

This video clip sure changes the way you think about bottled water. The waste issue alone is alarming.

A reverse osmosis water filter system reduces the widest range of contaminants. In fact, large municipal water systems treat their most challenging water problems with reverse osmosis technology. We can have that same technology in our own homes.

There are also pitcher carafes for filtering water by the pitcher size which can be kept in the refrigerator for cool, safe, filtered water any time you want.

I remember when I first started using this brand, and there were always presentations and discussions about good nutrition foundations. Folks who were speaking talked about the food supplements but they would also add the words ‘and drink lots of good, pure water’. It’s so important to look at total health and wellness, to really think about all that we put in our body. Good quality will make it ‘work’ a lot better, and for a lot longer!

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