Anti-Aging Cellular Tonic Fights Aging

A revolutionary new product has been introduced and this brand is once again at the forefront of scientific research. Shaklee Independent Distributors represent scientists who have designed a way to create a unique blend of ingredients to fight cellular aging.

For a brief, exciting introduction.. watch this video about how to Feel 25 years younger and Live 25 years longer .

What sets this brand’s products apart is the unique blends of ingredients and the science behind those formulations. With this new tonic, scientists took the formidable research on anti-aging red wine resveratrol to a whole new level.

By combining key ingredients with resveratrol, this tonic can impact all four of the mechanisms of aging that occur at the cellular level. No other company or brand has a product like this.

Let’s look at how the tonic affects these mechanisms of cellular aging:

Protects and repairs cellular DNA

Positively impacts genetic regulators which help fight cellular aging

Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, which helps increase the power production within the cells

Reduces the formation of AGE proteins that can gradually clog up your cells

While specific scientific detail may be hard for many of us to understand, that is why we have always enjoyed the benefit of having a team of highly qualified scientists behind this brand. This has resulted in more than 50 years of uniquely effective products based on solid science and research. We continue to use these products because they work!

To learn more and get the breakdown of the science behind this anti-aging tonic, visit There is an MD Resource website for medical professionals as well.

The release of this new tonic is truly a revolutionary breakthrough because it harnesses the power of a unique polyphenol blend to impact the aging process. The special blend of ingredients promote cellular longevity, increase cellular energy, fight free radicals, and promote good health and well being. In addition, the ingredients support heart health, brain health, cardiovascular function, joint health and enhance immunity. That’s a powerful punch!

Feel free to request additional printed material, audios, videos and opportunity to discuss the new anti-aging tonic.

I invite you to help spread the word to anyone you know who can benefit.. it really does feel great to help others feel their best. Who knew we could have the opportunity to help someone live 25 years longer and feel 25 years younger?

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