Asset Income

Are you interested in having another income source – separate from your job?

new business income


Is Money a Worry?

Were you not able to take a vacation this year?

-not sure how you are going to get the money for kids college?

-to get out of debt?

-to get a much needed car?

-pay for a new roof or another big expense for your home?

-or maybe you would like to have extra money to do fun things you can’t afford

Is this something you think about or worry about?


Would you be interested in developing a totally separate income from your regular income?


Thinking about options for creating an additional income source, here is what we came up with.

  1. Get another J-O-B
  2. Invest in an established business or asset that produces income
  3. Invest a chunk of money and draw on the interest it produces
  4. Start your own Internet or home-based business
  5. Start your own business creating Asset Income


Let’s look closer at these options.

The first is getting a second job.  Many of us struggle with this because it means getting another set amount of hours to work each week, another boss to have to listen to, another time clock to punch, and you drag through your days too exhausted to enjoy life.

The second two options mean having extra money already, like being able to invest a quarter million dollars to buy a franchise. Or, you have inheritance or retirement money you can invest for income. But we’re guessing if that’s the case you wouldn’t have found this article.

Another option is to start something of your own. There are endless opportunities to earn income today. Offline or online, just Google ways to make money and you will get all the ideas you want.

Something as simple as selling items – either that you don’t need anymore from your own home or that you buy low and sell for a higher price locally or on eBay – can all make you some money.

You can start a website pretty easy and sell something that you make, or where you become an affiliate and get a portion of the money from items you sell. There is a learning curve to doing this for sure and while some people are wildly successful, they most likely put a lot of time and energy behind it and have the true, hard working, entrepreneurial spirit that drives them to figure things out and work hard.

This is trading time for dollars. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.


But WHAT IF there was an opportunity where you can use your spare time to work at your own home-based business – and develop ASSET INCOME?



You create what is called Asset Income.

It’s like a best kept secret and yet it is available to everyone.

Asset income is different from earned income where you work a set amount of hours, do a certain amount of work for an agreed amount of money, or sell something one time to somebody.

Asset Income is income that you build up over time and that continues to pay you even when you are not actively working.

You can make whatever amount of Asset Income you choose.

It’s essentially your own business and you make the decisions:  when, where and how you want to work.


work from anywhere


If this were true, would you want to learn about it?


Would you qualify for something like this, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED?


What’s involved you might ask?

  • some spare time you have to set aside

  • a small amount of money to get started

  • to be a person of your word and trustworthy

  • to care about your health and other people

  • to have a strong reason why you want that extra income


There are reasons why each of these are required, and they are all important.

After you read this page, if you are interested in learning more about developing ASSET INCOME with a business of your own, where you help people and work in a growing industry, well then we would like to talk to you.

Please consider calling us or email us to learn more. Or, if you aren’t ready to make direct contact, click the link below to look at more about this best kept secret.


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